View Full Version : Campaign info posted over at Adventuresome Dreams

May 17th, 2005, 03:02
I'll be starting up a campaign at the end of the month in my Land of Caern campaign setting.

Info about campaign here:


I've got a good start as far as players go, but this type of campaign will allow for players to drop in if needed, so let me know in the appropriate thread if you are interested.

Proposed game time? Wednesdays 9:30 pm - 12 (Eastern).


June 4th, 2005, 00:38
Probably need one more committed player. Stop on by and check it out.

June 11th, 2005, 20:17
Full up now, but stop by Adventuresome Dreams (http://www.adventuresomedreams.com) and join us for lively discussion on FG and other RPG topics :)