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April 19th, 2016, 08:51
Since our year long campaign of Age of Worms (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?24755-LFP-(Looking-For-additional-Player)-Established-Pathfinder-Age-of-Worms-Campaign) is coming to a close, I'm looking forward to moving on to 5e for my next campaigns. Several guys in our Age of Worms campaign are planning to stick with pathfinder, so I'm looking to find additional people for the next campaign(s) that I'm going to run. When I started the Age of Worms campaign, I threw up a message and got a phenomenal group right off the bat that stuck with it till the end of the campaign. I wanted to try it a different way this time.

So, I figured what better way to meet additional people and continue to learn the rules of 5e than running a one shot. This way, you can see how I like to run my games and if you like it great! If you don't, you're not obligated to 'stick it out' or send that awkward email.

FG License: Ultimate
Game System: DnD 5e (flanking variant and crit/fumble table).

Day of week and time: Friday 4/22/16 @ 10pm EDT
Characters: Pregens available or can make a level 3 character (Standard ability point distribution, no rolls; PHB classes; no multiclassing; very vanilla, no magic items)

Text or Voice: TeamSpeak, text can be used, but only for emotes, whispers, etc
Voice software used: TeamSpeak

Roleplay & Combat mix: Depends on the party, but it's a one shot so we'll say 50/50
Max number of players: 4 (anymore seems to diminish the roleplaying)
Planned Game Duration: 4-5 hours (until the module ends)
Gameplay: I am all about moving the story forward and less about rule lawyering. I do want to learn the rules, but I'd rather enjoy the roleplay and story than argue about the rules. I am still learning the rules, so mistakes I can guarantee will be made by me. If this is ok, please join up.
Player Experience: Any type of experience is welcome, new players or experienced players. Just looking to have a great time.

Future Plans: Plan to run a few one shots, then once the group is together, we will run one of the WOTC official modules initially. After that is completed, if the group is interested, will likely run a conversion of old dnd modules (1e/2e). Weekly campaign dates and times will be Thursdays 10:00PM EDT as my schedule is limited for game times other than Thursday nights.

If still interested, please post here or on the calendar.

Thanks for your time reading the post,

Game Calendar Link (http://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/index.xcp?id=1947).