View Full Version : Help: How to properly create a character.

April 8th, 2016, 19:07
I am not an expert at M&M 3rd edition but, as a learning exercise for both M&M and FG, I thought I would create one of the archetypes from the Hero's Handbook as a character. Seems simple enough.

I am looking at Battlesuit, page 35. I set her Abilities as listed and the power points match. So far so good.

Now, I am adding Powers.

I go to the Powers tab and right click under Powers/Gadgets, selecting Create Item. A line shows so I type in Battlesuit. I then need to make it Removable so I open the Handbook and go to Powers - Extras and Flaws. I drag the Removable box and drop it on Battlesuit but nothing happens.

I then right click where I type Battlesuit and select Create Power which creates an item under Battlesuit. I can then drop the Removable onto that new item and type removable and give it -21 points as cost. Not sure if that is correct but I continue.

Next up Armor: Protection 11, Impervious
I Create Item, call it Armor and then do Create Power and drag over Protection and set its rank to 11 and its cost to 11 as Protection is 1/rank.

At this point, I am not sure how I make it Impervious. I assume I right click on where I put Protection and then select Create Extra/Flaw and drag Impervious over to it where it says Extras/Flaws/Options?

Any M&M ruleset experts out there?

Any help would be appreciated. Maybe I missed a tutorial or help file?