View Full Version : Any maps for Way of the Wicked Book 1?

March 16th, 2016, 18:54
I'm putting together a module for Way of the Wicked Book1 and all the maps from the PDF are scaled to 1 square = 10ft and they have the room numbers and secret doors visible. I wanted to see if anyone had anything for Branderscar Prison map and the Nine Lessons map. A google search just brings up the maps from the PDF. I figured I would ask before I attempted to make my own.

March 16th, 2016, 19:15
I don't know if there are any available. You can follow this video on how to rescale a map, and remove DM info: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/filelibrary/tutorial/xorne-rescale-1a.wmv

This map alignment tool is also very handy: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?19813-Map-Align-Utility-to-scale-and-align-map-to-grid

March 16th, 2016, 19:33
Thx Trenloe, will check it out.

Ok, so I checked this out and it looked easy enough. I edited the two maps I needed, Branderscar Prison & The Nine Lessons. One map for the players and one for the GM. Here's a link if anyone is interested. Scaled to 50px so just set the grid size to 25px in Fantasy Grounds and it will work fine.


May 26th, 2016, 16:06
I just wanna say thanks for sharing the maps once you made them. I will be shamelessly stealing your work. >_>b

February 10th, 2019, 14:28
Sorry for reviving an old thread but has anyone made player maps for the second and third book?