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April 27th, 2005, 07:38
1.04 is now out, go and get it on at http://www.fantasygrounds.com/downloads.html.

A new scheme for patch notes. Included is the list of updated definition files.

New features
Tokens can now be arranged into bags inside the token box.</li>
[list:13fdf93b35] A bag structure is automatically generated based on the directory structure in the token folders. Hovering the cursor on the bag will display the name of that particular bag.
A bar at the bottom of the token box can be used to quickly move between the most commonly used bags. To place bags here, drag them from the main token area. The first and second slots in the bar are used to navigate to the top and one step higher in the bag hierarchy, respectively.
To move tokens from one bag to another, drop them on the bag in the main token area or on the bag bar.
Custom bags can be created using the option in the radial menu. If you delete a custom bag, all the contents will be reset to their original positions in the hierarchy.

The tokens in a bag can be ordered in grid form, or randomly shuffled. Both options are available from the radial menu.
The locations of tokens in the token box are now saved between sessions.
You can now name tokens in use by dragging and dropping text from the chat line onto the token.
Mouse over tooltips on the desktop icons describing their function
For the GM /whisper command, you can now type only the first few letters of the recipient's name, and the first matching name will used.
Several pointers can now be drawn per user. Use the radial menu option to draw a new pointer. Dragging with both mouse buttons pressed will work as before, updating the last one drawn in this manner.

Fixed player notebook entries not saving under some circumstances.
Links to reference data in modules should now be preserved. You can now e.g. use links to monsters in text areas.
Portrait selection problems with large numbers of portraits fixed.
The /save command will now print out a confirmation message for the host.
Dropping a token on another will no longer result in the latter ending up on the desktop. Moving a token will now bring it to the top in the drawing order.
Fixed a crash when importing some modules into empty campaigns.
Fixed the handling of some special characters.
Most DirectX drivers can properly handle images only up to 2048x2048 pixels. This has been set as the maximum size for individual images used, and images larger than that will be scaled to this size when loaded.

Updated definition files