View Full Version : Game Tile Warehouse for Assorted Tokens

February 4th, 2016, 05:56
Hi all, if you're looking for packs of tokens to represent tables, chairs, royal chairs, shops, market stalls, traps, barrels, furniture, wall paintings, bookshelves, tapestries, window views, fireplaces, terrain, doors, chests, characters - give my GTW a try https://gametilewarehouse.wix.com/rpgtilesupply

I also have Pathfinder, Savage World and Heroquest* compatible token sets (and spells).

* Perfect for dungeons.

More will be coming this year, I am presently engaged in a massive kickstarter creating a reversible rooftop set of tiles with day on one side night on the other that is taking time away from creating new token sets - but I will be stocking it more heavily this year with dozens of new sets.

Kind Regards,