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November 27th, 2015, 04:33
A friend of a friend has asked for your help. He is a wealthy merchant in the City and his young daughter has been kidnapped and he has no one to turn to. He dares not go to the Watch as he fears the cultists will find out and carry out their threat to kill her. He can only trust a few friends, and those that they trust. That's you.

The Cult of Talona are a vile breed. Worshipers of the Mistress of Disease, the Mother of All Plagues, the Lady of Poison bring only pain, suffering and death. Rescue young Katania, bring proof of the cult's evil if you can, gain the favor of a wealthy benefactor.

Play Time - 17:00 MST (-0700 GMT)
Genre - Dungeon Delve
Ruleset/Setting - D&D 5th Edition / Forgotten Realms
Calendar Entry - https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/index.xcp?id=1715
Characters - 2nd Level Pregens Provided
Voice: Teamspeak on ts.fg-con.com with headset

This will be a three hour delve. I've been working on developing a FG 5E version of the legendary Undermountain dungeon. Incorporating information from published accessories from Ruins of Undermountain (1991) through Halls of Undermountain (2012) but adopted for the next generation of adventurers. If you've delved through the Undermountain before, you will recognize the places, but with new twists, traps and monsters your experience might just lead you astray. If you've never experienced the Undermountain, now is the time to partake in a small portion of this epic adventure.

All players welcomed, experience with D&D 5E and Fantasy Grounds not required.

To Apply

Reply to this post with your interest
Choose a character from the list below
Visit the calendar entry, apply there with the desired character

Available Pregen Characters

[Name, class, background, race, sex, other, alignment]
- Niserie, cleric (Mieliki), acolyte, wood elf, female, domain of nature, NG
- Edgar Scarface, cleric (Tempus), gladiator, half orc, male, domain of tempest, CN
- Rhogdinn, barbarian, urchin, dragonborn (white), male, CG
- Rorgo Rockhelm, paladin (Ilmater), soldier, dwarf (mountain), male, LG
- Rrohd Grimcutter, fighter, folk hero, half-orc, male, NG
- Alunair Songdancer, ranger, outlander, half-elf, female, CG
- Drake Grave, rogue, noble, human, male, CN
- Fate Nemisis, rogue, pirate, halfling (lightfoot), female, CG
- Comet Darksilver, warlock (fey), charlatan, tiefling, male, NG
- Quake Royal, wizard (evocation), sage, elf (high), male, NG
- Talon Lordkiller, sorceror (wild magic), hermit, gnome (forest), male, CG
- Paradox, monk, spy, human, male, LN

Post any questions, comments, etc in this thread.

December 3rd, 2015, 00:39
Good evening, if you don't mind a first time FG user then I would like to join this game as Drake Grave. I would also be willing to play Alunair Songdancer if a ranger would fit the group better than a rogue.

December 3rd, 2015, 01:25
No experience needed. Glad to have you. If you want to verify your install prior to game time, let me know and we can make sure everything works :)

December 3rd, 2015, 01:56
I would like to join the game. I am also a newbie to FG so still learning. I would be interested in Quake Royal or Talon Lordkiller.


December 3rd, 2015, 02:19
Absolutely, let me know a time that would be convenient for you and we can verify that. Evenings 6-10 are best for me because of work.

December 5th, 2015, 02:15
Sorry I didn't get back to everyone sooner, been a busier couple of days than I expected. I will be going through my PM's and have already gotten the order of signup in this thread then I will go into and accept those still waiting.

Once I've done that, I will send out an PM to those of you accepted (I simple use order of signup, all are welcome). And another PM to those on the wait list.

Give me an hour to get through everything and get out PMs and then let me know any outstanding questions that I haven't answered by then :)

December 6th, 2015, 04:20
Thanks for the game especially not killing Quake at the very beginning and ending the adventure even before it began. :)

December 7th, 2015, 09:34
Hi I was wondering if you could export Rhogdinn, barbarian, dragonborn for me if that is ok I really enjoyed the build

December 7th, 2015, 18:23
Of course.

Really enjoyed playing with everyone, hope you enjoyed it as well.

December 7th, 2015, 21:46
Thanks a lot just wondering if you will be continuing this adventure as it was a very exciting adventure.

December 8th, 2015, 23:11
And we didn't get to save the princess!!!

December 10th, 2015, 02:55
And someone needs their axe......;)

December 10th, 2015, 04:38
HAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah lord entrails i want my axe :D

December 11th, 2015, 22:59
It was just a great axe... A couple of old ones yeah, but nothing magical. I was dying of laughter at how much you guys wanted one of those axes :)

December 12th, 2015, 05:22
It was at least Dwarven forged right ..... LOL.

December 17th, 2015, 08:59
are we doing this again

December 18th, 2015, 05:36
I can't commit to anything at the moment. Besides the holidays, I'm setting up a new office for work and that is keeping me much too busy.