View Full Version : Interior Maps tutorial for Photoshop?

November 24th, 2015, 20:42
I apologize for this, but I had been surfing the forums last week and thought I had found a thread on making interior maps in Photoshop that linked out to a tutorial by one of the super-users on the forum. Alas, I went back to try and find the thread this week but I can't seem to locate it.

Can someone point me in the right direction for any interior map tutorials using Photoshop or GIMP? I'd like to step up my map-making game a few notches for the interior dungeon journeys coming up in a couple of sessions for my gamers.


November 24th, 2015, 21:48
This chap (http://www.fantasticmaps.com/) offers a few tutorials. There's a good few on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Jz98DNw8Gs) as well

November 24th, 2015, 23:26
If you want to create very usable and very quick maps try this: http://pyromancers.com/dungeon-painter-online/

November 25th, 2015, 00:26
http://www.cartographersguild.com/ Best place to learn how to make maps that I have found. - Obe