View Full Version : [FGDaze] Cold Memories Long Forgotten

November 21st, 2015, 11:00
The heroes are on their way to to a small camp a few days walk from the town of Crossroads. The camp is situated at the site of a
newly discovered sunshard crater. The owner hired them to investigate the disappearance of miners and explorers from the camp.
But on their journey there, they stumble across a rare find.

Scheduled time: Saturday December 5th 10pm EST (GMT -5) and will run for 3 hours
Rule system: Savage Worlds
Setting/Genre: Winter Eternal/Clockwork Fantasy
Adventure type: Dungeon Delve
Min/Max # Players: 4/6
Calendar Entry: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/index.xcp?id=1703
Requirements: This game will be streamed live on Google+/Youtube. You must have a working mic/headset, webcam and Google+ account and be willing to appear on screen.

Pre-gen characters will be provided. Please pm me a link to your Google+ profile so you can be invited to the Hangouts on Air. Failure to do so at least 24hrs prior to the game will result in your application being denied.

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/b0uuOVBl3XD5Pd2-WdBF17ETVJ6hPn1y9gXbpTIfke-Ia8kHqWI5rT97Rss8AiXRwiqsNsAcjzXzZvpHpEVmumfC9V-Xvqpn4dXK2NJFrR5BCHTH_WH-7b3bJ3JNvjgMTTARGPGZWl70lZaM758ZzktTXpY4Fr_84lqsgb rbO6vgXTp_p7rvg0jv6g3e5McNwacUGuYVeM3dkj02xqx_e5yO doM7FXf1f8YdE1PmzEZsfe_iLFDrWhY-3shNUH6qTfFXpAoJdnbqr8WyyKziuBYuuat6p8dj_misNEFMdR KzOv446bTsxTlQUjajtvvQ8ttD1noBxwCJ4DehA1cwicx8TQXp _wUlPtTIH5T2aaCLcX9l-mq2wJqpU0RS4Lox4n3UeKOiDmatv4KlfaTTix0y-tucQvt79Djjxr1hPSSKZ6WcthvZkuzJ0VzMHRM2P1k2IZdBiGl d2-3ypVA4i0SqPRb1aIgmT0fwDxoBGWsolDMu6NQEY-43tbT2D1ttP9K6eKoYaEnPSTvRtT1uXc4UviRy8bXG3HwQDuFa iLrp=w950-h666-no

December 5th, 2015, 16:38
I regret to inform the few who signed up for this event that I have to cancel.

December 5th, 2015, 23:19