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November 19th, 2015, 05:52
Scornubel is called the Caravan city and it is a hub of trade between the Sword Coast and the Sea of Fallen Stars. The priests of Brandobaris have always prided themselves on the support and guidance they give the city in matters of commerce. Unfortunately for all, the Zhents have taken an interest in the business model. It's time to stand like Tallfellas. A D&D 5E adventure that will play in 4-5 hours. 6th level pregens provided.

New players welcome! Veterans encouraged to come frolic.

Playtime: 11:00 MST.
Genre: Fantasy
Ruleset/Setting -- 5E
Calendar: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/index.xcp?id=1701

Synopsis: What happens when the priesthood of Brandobaris decides that enough is enough? Gang war. Think of it as The Sopranos in the Shire.

Available PCs:
Father Stanley Sandbridge: 6th level Lightfoot Halfling Cleric of Brandobaris "He's the god of education! If we take your stuff, the you get smarter about keeping it."
URG: 6th level half-orc Barbarian Berserker "Stan said you are mean to my little friends. That makes me mad."
Dexter Crabapple: 6th level Lightfoot Halfling Assassin "Hitman is such a strong term. I prefer human solution specialist."
Aedelade Halfapple: 6th level Stout Halfling Enchanter "He did what I said because I said it. I don't think it was the magic at all... I just make them starry eyed!"
Myrna the Quick: 6th level Lightfoot Halfling Arcane Trickster "If you are suggesting that I cannot get in there, I consider that a personal challenge."
Selwyn the Great: 6th level Ghostwise Halfling Bard of Lore "It was a complete misunderstanding. I merely offered to assist in the exchange of goods. No one respects basic commerce anymore."

We will be using a Team Speak Server.

December 5th, 2015, 14:11
I have a family emergency and have to cancel. I'll email players with follow up detail and work to re-schedule a make up game.