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February 1st, 2005, 21:03
Hi All

I hope that you will look on this post favourably and not consider it blatant spam :D

A number of vendors on RPGNow and ourselves have got together to produce a book of coupons for a selection of our products, offering discounted prices for the month of February.

RPGNOW.com is your PDF role-playing headquarters. Here you will find some of the very best that role-playing has to offer; from rule books to adventures, from OGL to custom systems, from terrain to miniatures, you name it and you can find it here all available for instant purchase and download.

Chances are that you are probably already familiar with RPGNOW.com and some of the more prominent publishers. But what about The Swing or Roma Imperious or Dog Town? Well now is the best time to find out what these games are all about.

Gathered in this PDF is a collection of coupons from publishers devoted to giving you the best possible product. These products are some of the best that RPGNow.com has to offer for the past year.

Armed with this coupon book you have access to these already incredibly priced products at an even greater value. These products will bring you and your friend's entertainment for pennies on the hour!

Remember, the best kept secrets are the most valuable. So take a moment to look through this free download and you might find a special treasure at a great price. The coupons in this book are not available anywhere else!

Get it at http://www.uk-gamerz.com/coupon_jan.pdf

Anyway, thanks for your tolerance, and I hope that you all find something useful here.