View Full Version : All Suspended Paypal subscriptions have been marked as cancelled

October 29th, 2015, 19:51
If this applied to your account, you should receive an email from Paypal notifying you of the cancellation. This may have meant that the method you used for payment on your subscription had an issue where it did not allow the subsequent month's billing to complete. This can happen for a number of legitimate reasons, such as high security features with your credit card company or banking institution, use of a gift card with a balance that has now been exceeded or a change in expiration date on your credit card.

If you made any additional purchases for content, these will remain permanently linked to your account. All that has been terminated on our end is your license key. You will temporarily lose access to any secured purchases, but these will be reinstated with a new license or subscription.

To renew your account, simply purchase a new stand-alone license or start a brand new subscription. Replace the old license key with a new one and then run a Check for Updates. All your purchases will be re-downloaded and activated for your account.

If this happened on your account and you believe that it was done in error, or you show that you already had an active subscription, please contact me at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you in rectifying the situation. If you need to resubscribe and have us refund you for the resub, we can do that as well.