View Full Version : Next Module conversion and plans for HotOE and BtMoM

September 16th, 2015, 13:42
Chaps, Ladies and all cultists,

I really enjoyed doing the conversion of Fatal Experiments (well Lurker story most).

So what's next?

Well I have 2 smaller books that I can convert, these are:

In the Shadows (3 adventures) and Terrors From Beyond (6 adventures).

So to keep me occupied whilst I plan and start HotOE (I'm looking at splitting it into modules) and BtMoM, that I should do one of these smaller ones to continue to learn the FG 'craft'.

The plan then is to get a smaller book out, first HotOE book (1 of 5), then BtMoM, then HotOE (2 of 5), another smaller book, HoTOE (Book 3) and so on. The speed at which I do then is unknown but I will start a thread here and keep it upto date.

Therefore does anyone have any thoughts on which of the two I do first? Shadows OR Terrors?