View Full Version : a few questions about pathfinder NPC syntax

September 10th, 2015, 03:27
Hi...I wanted to know if entering SQs or SA's have some special syntax, or can I just enter them as in the PF Bestiary. Is there a list somewhere of all of them? Also, do they effect anything in the current version of PF, or is that for future versions? Thanks.

September 10th, 2015, 04:10
Enter them as per the Paizo Stat block standard: http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/monsters/introduction.html - essentially as they appear in the PFRPG bestiary library module that comes with Fantasy Grounds.

There's no real auto population of anything based off the SA section. But the Defense SQ section is used a lot for auto population of effects which will be used to add DR, resist, immune and SR to the creature when it's added to the combat tracker.

For example, adding the "Angel, Planetar" to the combat tracker adds a lot of info based off the Defense SQ field:


There's not a specific list anywhere. The main ones added are DR, immunities, resistances, SR (in the DR field in the Defense tab on the Combat Tracker record), immunities based off types (e.g. ooze, undead, etc.), regeneration.