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August 6th, 2015, 19:03
Three weeks after signing onto Captain Tommik’s leaky trade cog, the Sea’s Rock, a raging storm refuses to let up, keeping the captain, his navigator, and the party running all over the deck, fastening ropes and tacking sails. It’s not until the halfling navigator, Bosin, spots a port through the rainy onslaught that anyone feels the slightest bit of hope.

Captain Tommik aims the Sea’s Rock towards the port, tacking hard to avoid being swallowed by the sea. If it weren’t for the half-ton of iron ore in the cog’s decks, the lightweight ship would be decorating the sea floor by now.

The gangplank slams into the empty marina, and you don your cloaks and hustle across the leaky, wooden boards, aiming for a small customs building nestled where the marina meets the shore. A crackle of lightning deafens your ears, drowning out the howling wind and splattery rain for a split second.

Just as you shove the door to the customs building open, you are greeted by a dark, cold, but dry room. Hanging your dripping cloaks on the wall hooks, you collapse onto the floor, exhausted after hours of running around on deck.

Another flash of lightning illuminates the stumpy, dwarfish form of Captain Tommick as he strides into the customs office, rivulets of rain dripping from his blonde beard. “Ah, that’s what I call a wee inconvenience!” he says, wringing his
beard. “This ‘ere’s good place as any. Ah’ll grab food and belongings from the Rock, an’ we can hole up in ‘ere fer the night. Keep yer eyes out fer townsfolk. Don’t wanna ferget yer manners.” And with that, he vanishes into the raging winds.

You look around the customs office, trying to take in the frantic situation. No less than ten minutes ago you were fighting to keep a ship above water. Now, you’re safe on solid ground. Every inch of your body aches, and you can’t shake the image of flailing ropes and water-soaked sails out of your heads–after all, you’ve been staring at them for hours upon end.

The storm rumbles outside, the rain showing no sign of letting up. Small bootprints of mud and water dot the floor from where you’ve tracked them, but for now, at least you’re able to breathe easy. All you need is a day’s worth of rest in here and you’ll be back in tip-top shape. That is, if this freezing cold rain doesn’t let up. What do you do?

[TL : DR]
This module favors investigative and inquisitive play-styles over kicking in the door with swords drawn.

Characters & Classes: Pre Gens Will Be Handed out.
Players Needed: 3-5

Any further questions post here.

Calendar Page: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/index.xcp?id=1566

August 6th, 2015, 21:47
Very intriguing - I've applied to the calendar!