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August 4th, 2015, 17:40
FG Con 7 dates have been announced!
October 16th-18th 2015.

More details to come after FGDaze!2 (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?25258-FGDaze!-2-Saturday-August-15th-2015-Game-announcement-thread) (15th August).

FG Con 7 will run from Friday evening 16th October (Aus and NZ) thru until late on Sunday 18th (US and Canada). That's nearly 70 hours of great games on offer for players to participate in, 70 hours for GMs to show case their latest creations and for everyone to meet new people and plan great and heroic adventures!

GM registration will open mid-August (after FGDaze!2). Many of you will already know the drill and we hope to see a bunch of new GMs joining in the fun for this great event. Once again SmiteWorks have agreed to promote all Full Licenses to Ultimate for the duration of FG Con opening the games up to more GMs and Players!

Players - you cant sign up for games just yet - player registration will open in September.

Some of the highlights of FG Con 6:

We ran 56 sessions - that's 16% more than FG Con 5.
We had approx. 320 bookings which is almost 14% more than FG Con 5.
We ran our first hangout sessions and recorded them live onto Youtube. The 4 Hangout Sessions were for new Players and GMs and can be found here: http://www.fg-con.com/latest-news/fg-con-hangout-recordings/
For the first time, we have some organised play events other than Pathfinder Society - Dungeons and Dragons 5E Adventurers Leagues - a very welcome addition to the events at FG Con.
Games in Swedish and German.
Over 22,300 visits to the http://www.fg-con.com site

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