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July 30th, 2015, 13:24
Hello Forum,

I had so much fun running this game in the last FGDAZE that I'm giving serious thought into running an episode for each FGDAZE, looking to find out if people are interested in a more or less on-going episodic campaign like this.

Obviously slots will be on a first come first serve basis.

Beginners always welcome, activity dependant on whether I can find a babysitter ^_^


Set in the Mass Effect universe, using the Fate Core system.

C-Sec BSI (Bureau of Special Investigations)

The Citadel, a bastion of stability and co-operation between the races of the galaxy. In the wake of the recent attack by the Geth dreadnaught code named Sovereign, security on the Citadel has been on the increase under the premise of helping to prevent another such attack from happening. However a great deal of concern has been shown by the Citadel Council regarding an unusual increase in crime throughout the wards. Though no real consensus has been reached to explain this unprecedented increase, many attribute it to the formation of several black markets arising over the procurement and sale of new Geth technology left by the destruction of Sovereign.

Though C-Sec is admirably handling the increase in more common crime, they lack the expertise required to investigate and resolve the more unusual cases that are on the increase. Several Spectres had attempted to take it upon themselves to focus on resolving these increasingly unusual crimes but they not only lack the manpower to tackle this new threat, their increased presence on the Citadel has created friction between the Council and the Citizens of the wards.

The venerable and highly respected Matriarch Vania approached the Council with an alternative solution to this problem, she suggested that this problem required the creation of a new branch of C-Sec. This new department would take on the crimes that could not be dealt with by C-Sec or the Spectres. The Council approved this idea, and charged Vania with the creation of a special department of the Citadel Security force. Consisting of both veteran C-Sec officers, and civilian specialists, this team would be responsible for investigating and resolving crimes that are beyond the normal scope of C-Sec as a whole, whilst still being accountable to the rules and laws which keep the citizens of the station safe.

Thus was created the Bureau of Special Investigations.


3-6 Players

1PM - 5PM (BST)


July 30th, 2015, 15:58
i do believe there were a few people quite disappointed not to make the last one - I think you ought to make this a regular thing :)
dont forget to add it to the main thread too.

July 30th, 2015, 22:36
Character Profile - John Erikson

Physical Attributes: Human
Age 56

Dossier Brief: An otherwise run of the mill human C-Sec officer. Made detective young but never really seemed all that ambitious. Has an almost uncanny ability to make people feel at ease. He's quick to like, and people tend to open up to him. Some of the Asari officers have taken to calling him Patriarch Erikson due to his ability to get people to talk, and from his habit of offering little bits of poignant advice. It is both a compliment and a jibe.

High Concept: Man of the people - He's been on the beat so long, everyone knows him. He's your friendly neighbourhood cop.

Trouble: Jobsworth - "If it ain't in the book, it ain't worth booking."

Other Aspects: Upstart Species (Racial Aspect)
Cautiously objective
I don't make the rules...
Married to the job
Sucker for a sob story

Last Played By: Mook

Status: Reserved by Mook

July 30th, 2015, 22:52
Character Profile - Naylor Grent

Physical Attributes: Human
Age 32
Weight 180lbs

Dossier Brief: Ex Alliance Military. Joined C-Sec after serving his tours. Sharp eye, both down the barrel of a gun and when investigating a crime scene. Alert, but jumpy. Spends a good deal of time at the range. Psych-Eval states that he is stable, but shows concern for his near obsessive marksmanship practice.

High Concept: Thousand Yard Stare - When you spend your tour spotting for snipers, you learn to look for the details.

Trouble: The truth will out - "I know you're lying, you just haven't admitted it yet"

Other Aspects: Background - Upstart Species (Racial Aspect)
Is that all you've got?!
There's no "I" in team

Last Played By: HocusPocus

Status: Available

July 30th, 2015, 22:59
Character Profile - Aultus Viction

Physical Attributes: Turian
Age 35
Origin - Palaven

Dossier Brief: Aultus is an admirable specimen, even by Turian standards. He's a natural leader, at home when giving orders. He easily asserts superiority in most situations with a finesse of command that most people simply accept. Recommended role as team leader, as he has shown to be both innovative and inspiring when faced with challenging situations.

High Concept: "When choosing the lesser evil, I don't choose." - The law is the law, if both parties are breaking it, both parties get arrested.

Trouble: "Toe the Line - Nobody is above the law, nobody is above the rules."

Other Aspects: Horrors of War
Master & Commander
Old of mind, young of body
To serve the Hierarchy (Racial Aspect)
Turian Toughness (Racial Aspect)

Last Played By: Jordi

Status: Available

July 30th, 2015, 23:59
Character Profile - Kiina Layma

Physical Attributes: Asari
Age 230
Origin - Ilum

Dossier Brief: Kiina joined C-Sec soon after reaching adulthood. Her father had passed on since then and she wishes to honour him by following the same path. She has grown to enjoy her time with C-Sec but is easily distracted by a want for wanderlust. She is an expert in biotics, and is powerful enough that several matriarchs watch her career with interest.

High Concept: I should have been a merc - Want's to travel the galaxy.

Trouble: Better that I'm a cop than a dancer - Doesn't like the 'objectification' of other Asari

Other Aspects: Dad was a cop, and a good one too.
Embrace Eternity (Racial Aspect)
I brought a sword to a gun fight
I'm no princes, but I'm no beggar
Natural Biotic (Racial Aspect)

Last Played By: d1wright

Status: Available

July 31st, 2015, 00:03
Character Profile - Yostol Lakse

Physical Attributes: Salarian
Age 12
Origin - Citadel Born

Dossier Brief: Young but talented. An tech specialist with particular expertise in hacking and computer analysis. Signed on as a civilian contractor.

High Concept: If it's supposed to work, I can fix it

Trouble: If it isn't broken... optimize

Other Aspects: Non-Linear (Racial Aspect)
Speed of Thought (Racial Aspect)

Last Played By: -none-

Status: Available

August 12th, 2015, 21:15
Due to my day becoming more free, I've posted the alternative time of 9pm BST for any US players who are interested. Feel free to suggest times that would better suit you.