View Full Version : A note on acknowledgements by the developers

January 3rd, 2005, 10:42
Since there have lately been a number of reports about problems that may work on some computers, and not on others, I wanted to make a quick note about the status of threads on this board.

We (the developers) read all the posts on this board, guaranteed. However, before responding with a post of our own, we like to check the problem out, see if we can replicate it, and even make an estimation of when we can address it. If we need any additional information regarding the problem, we try to request it as precisely as we can in order to be as effective as possible and to limit the amount of work the (probably already annoyed) user needs to do.

With difficult to track problems, especially those that manifest only on certain hardware combinations or those that are hard to replicate, this process might take some time to carry out.

We also put all problems on our internal list of bugs. They won't be forgotten, but they will be prioritized. So, if you report a minor or cosmetic bug, and don't get a direct response, it has probably been placed on our list, and will be fixed as soon as possible.