View Full Version : Fantasy grounds 3.1.2 IFT and align behaviour (PFRPG atleast)

July 24th, 2015, 23:47
With the new update I went to play around for a little bit to test the alignment implementation. When testing a little bit to see if for example I could automate the smite ability from a paladin that something seems to go "wrong".

The effect on the attacker:
IFT: ALIGN(evil); ATK: 3; DMG: 3;

The target is an evil npc from the bestiary (with ALIGN: evil)

When attacking the target. The total of an attack roll doesn't show the bonus added into it. In the chat window it will display "Attack [2] -> [at ] [EFFECTS +3] [MISS]" but the roll result still only shows the 2 from the die itself without the bonus added on top of it. However rolling a 7 against an AC 10 still says it hits. So the bonus is being added to the result just not shown in the chat window as added.

This however does work correctly for the DMG. I would like to see this fixed at some point. Thanks for the hard work and the nice update :)

PS. I hope I at least am using the align feature correctly

July 25th, 2015, 02:15