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July 21st, 2015, 02:26
The Cloaks of Mulmaster have taken an interest in your progress, and may be looking to sponsor adventurers for future work. You’ve been offered an interview with one of their ranking members at the Theater of the Stars, but you never know what to expect in the City of Danger. A four-hour adventure for 1st-4th level characters. - Players are asked to visit the Twitch channel and be sure to follow.

Play Time - 19:00 CST
Genre - Dungeons & Dragons
Ruleset/Setting - D&D 5th Edition / Forgotten Realms
Calendar Entry - https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/index.xcp?id=1529

July 25th, 2015, 04:41
I would like to play. I met you on Friday night I was named Bregarn in your Twitch Chat.
Best Regards,
Andrew J. Franke

August 16th, 2015, 01:36
Server is now up folks! Send me a PM on Skype (jerniganc) with your player name and I will send you the server info!

December 1st, 2015, 14:02
Just an update on this game. It looks like it was still listed from July and some folks had signed up for it (39 to be exact). I have removed the game so if yo had signed up be sure to locate another one. I am sorry for any confusion this might have caused.