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July 21st, 2015, 00:07
I'm looking to start up a new campaign using Modern Pathfinder, sort of. I have constructed a campaign setting using Pathfinder and taking into account much of what Modern Pathfinder has to offer.

However, there are significant changes. This campaign is about superhumans (though I do allow the use of non-human races). I have made 35 classes, each based off of various Marvel comics personalities. Not every character in the comics is presented, obviously, but there's enough there to make things interesting. The game mechanics are drastically different from a basic Modern Pathfinder game, but every change is explained and if I haven't covered something then it can probably be dealt with very quickly in game.

The campaign premise is based entirely on character choices. The very first scenario won't even be written until every player has made their character and created a suitable background to your liking. Once that's done I will put together an adventure for the party that will be designed to get you to level 3. The campaign then steers a course set by the players and the choices you all make. The setting is Earth, though not quite the same Earth that we all know. Things like cybernetics exist, as well as slightly advanced technology compared to what we have now. Think of it as late stage PL 5, right on the cusp of becoming PL 6 (Progress Level, explained in d20 Future.) I have already created a list of feats and traits and a whole bunch of other bits that I'll be using for the campaign, which I am allowing for combination with just about everything else that Paizo has published. The campaign is open world, or sandbox as it were, but I do have limits on what I'll allow to happen. I'd rather the game focus on heroes than villains, but if you simply must be evil then so be it.

I will be using Google Earth and Dundjinni for maps. The former being useful for very quick images needed for whatever might arise as the game progresses. Dundjinni will only be used for when I need to make something a bit more detailed.

Game sessions will be held whenever I can get everyone to participate. My availability for game sessions is sporadic, so when a time comes up that we can all be a part of, then that is when a session will be held. Time of day for any session is open. I'm in New Mexico, which is Mountain time.

If you're not familiar with Pathfinder, d20 Modern, or 3.5, then this game probably won't be to your liking. Although, I have no problem at all taking the time to explain things to anyone who may not know these systems yet would like to learn.

I will only take up to 6 players maximum, though I honestly don't expect even that many people to be interested (3-4 is optimal). I use Dolby Axon (which is free) for voice chat during gaming sessions and Skype for file transfer and sharing.

If you are interested, you can leave a comment here or PM me. If you want further explication, then state the question and I'll do my best to answer.

July 30th, 2015, 04:24
Bumping this thread, so I may as well add some info.

Each of the 35 superhuman classes are 10 levels. No player may choose the same superhuman class as another, nor may you cross class into another superhuman class. You may, however, take levels in one of the 13 Advanced Classes. Each of these Advanced Classes are all based on preexisting d20 Modern/Past/Future classes that I've tweaked a bit.

Since ability scores can reach extremely high numbers (50s are possible), I have made a system of ability score bonuses based on just how high your scores can get. For example, if you have an insane strength, then you could ignore an amount of hardness equal to your Strength modifier, smash your opponent through walls and barriers, and send your target flying great distances with your unarmed strikes. These sorts of bonuses are there for every attribute and represent power, resilience, speed, genius, will, and presence.