View Full Version : Mac Installation Issue on Steam resolved for 4-Pack and gift purchases

July 7th, 2015, 21:59
For anyone who had a problem installing Fantasy Grounds on Steam, we now have a solution. If you got Fantasy Grounds as part of a 4-pack or as a gift from a 4-pack, those were evidently missing a necessary file depot configuration on Steam and the end result is that nothing would download and install when you clicked "Install". It would then say "Missing Executable" when you went to run the game. I am happy to announce that the depot is now configured properly and the install should work smoothly. I'm sorry it took us this long to track it down.

Follow these steps to remedy the issue:

Go to Library | Games
Right click on Fantasy Grounds and choose Delete Local Content
Close Steam and then re-launch it after 30 seconds or so.
Re-install Fantasy Grounds.
Before hitting "Play", make sure to check Manage Downloads and make sure that it downloads everything that it needs for Fantasy Grounds

July 7th, 2015, 23:33

July 8th, 2015, 03:47
Don't own a Mac, but nice to see this squared away.