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July 1st, 2015, 07:26
Right... so I have an issue with making a graphical scheme and the bug is elusive and driving me crazy.


The corners of the sheetgroup.png looks ... well... broken. But ONLY for people connecting to the master (that includes localhost).

I use the same "graphics_frames.xml" file, as the ruleset does, but that doesn't seem to matter.
This bug only happens when I use the theme I've made. This is the only ruleset in which I've seen this issue.

The code for the sheetgroup.png, as far as I can tell:

<framedef name="sheetgroup">
<bitmap file="graphics/frames/sheetgroup.png" />
<topleft rect="0,0,18,18" />
<top rect="18,0,512,18" />
<topright rect="530,0,17,17" />
<left rect="0,18,18,512" />
<middle rect="18,18,512,512" />
<right rect="530,0,17,512" />
<bottomleft rect="0,530,18,17" />
<bottom rect="18,530,512,17" />
<bottomright rect="530,530,17,17" />

Is there something here I am missing?

Vires Animi

July 1st, 2015, 14:14
i dont hae the M&M ruleset but take teh Combat Tracker as an example there is a host and a client version of the files. You may find there is the same for this ruleset?

bleurgh. what am i talking about? this is a character sheet - there is not going to be a different view for the GM and Player.

there is some issue with your code but not enough i think to cause this.
<topright rect="530,0,17,17" />
should be
<topright rect="530,0,17,18" />
<right rect="530,0,17,512" />
shoudl be
<right rect="530,0,18,512" />
<bottomright rect="530,530,17,17" />

July 1st, 2015, 17:54
What base application version flag is the XML indicating? Look in base.xml for the ruleset, the "version" property in the <root> tag. There was a compatibility update in version 3.0 for an issue like this - see the top entry of the 3.0 row here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/refdoc/

You might try changing the version to 3.0 - but this could cause other compatibility issues.

Or, look at the framedef and try to make it so that the parameters in the bug match. The fix with 3.0 compatibility is as follows: "For frame resources, the "right" section will correctly use the top Y offset specified in the right tag, instead of the left tag." So if you don't run 3.0 compatibility, you'd need to have the top Y offset in the left tag to be the same as what you want in the right tag - but this could screw up your frames anyway...