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June 25th, 2015, 04:59
Premise of Shattered Galaxy

100 years ago during a galactic war between the Gish Empire and the Alliance (of Races Fighting for Freedom from the Gish Empire), the method of FTL travel, diving, was broken. Rumors abound about why but suffice to say the known and unknown galaxy was shattered into various systems, though scientists argue that some close by systems might have been interacting.

10 years ago, Diving dropped from Suicidal to Dangerous.
5 years ago, Diving dropped to mostly safe, not that is was safe before it was broken.

Now, systems and cultures are meeting each other again after being marooned for 100 years. Some thrived, most got by after awhile, some are still missing.

Humans are amoung the newest races, couple hundred years of extra-solar travel by now, but are unique in that for some reason, (and oh how scientists and theologians been arguing about it) possess no widespread natural psionic abililty. Some humans do but humanities technology is built on normal mechanical science, the one edge that allowed them to succeed against the Gish Empire. Every other alien race so far has to one degree or another a genetic psionic bent.

One Shot (possible future adventures as well)

You are the crew of the Gay Deciever, a freelance scout/light cargo carrier/sometimes smuggler space ship. Recovered from an abandoned shipyard in decent shape. She serves you well. The crew has learned to respect her, as if they don't she will short-sheet their beds and bring out her devious and prankster nature.

The Yamamoto Trade Station B12-X154-C2-H5, Aurora as the residents call it, is a regular port of call and Gay has a line on a new job or two.

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