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June 2nd, 2015, 18:16
Here are some minor issues. Certainly no priority, but addressing them may be as trivial as the issues themselves, at least in some cases.

For the WotC 5e Theme, it seems some button assets are being loaded from the wrong theme. Resting button is fine, but MouseDown-InButton uses the stitched leather theme, and MouseDown-LeaveButton does too. See attached wotcButtonMouseEvents.png.


Character tabs have had an issue for a little while with the inner-tab mask used around the active tab. The coloration doesn't quite match. This could be a small problem with the asset itself, or it could just be intractable given how tabs are currently textured, as an outsider I wouldn't know. More striking, though, is that the inner-tab mask used in the StitchedLeather theme seems to be 1px too wide and use the wrong background (or its alpha channel was borked). The tabs in CharTabs.png go, left-to-right, WotC5eTheme, CoreRPGTheme, StitchedLeather (default 5e Theme).


Again, these are minor issues, but some may be simple to address.

Keep up the great work!

Ultimate License Holder

June 5th, 2015, 17:59
Thanks for reporting TASagent. I'll aim to get the graphics updated in the next day or so.