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December 8th, 2004, 16:49
How easy is it to modify the character sheet? For example, I use a Damage Reduction modifier in my campaign - is this something that can easily be added to the character sheet?

I use a lot of variant rules in my campaigns, how easy is it to extend the program to account for these variants?

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December 8th, 2004, 17:48
Technically, it's not very hard. You copy the existing character sheet definition to your ruleset and add a couple of lines of XML code to do it, for example:

<numbercontrol name="damagereduction">
<bounds rect="&#91;coordinates on the character sheet&#93;" />
<description text="Damage Reduction" />

The description is whatever this field is named if you drag and drop it, for example, on a die.

That's it, the ruleset will be automatically updated to any player connecting, and the data fields will be automatically created.

Of course, you do have to bear in mind that most character sheets (including the default) have been designed to fit a certain design, so you might have to juggle some other fields around to make room. Also, for bigger changes, you might want to edit the sheet's background bitmap in a paint program (but again, you could just make a copy of the existing bitmap to start from).