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March 15th, 2015, 18:56

I am asking - again - for your help.

I would like to create a magic item list from my database.

I looked within Fantasy Ground and found a way to create the magic items as ITEM, include a link to a picture.

<category name="magicItem" mergeid="" baseicon="3" decalicon="6">
<description type="formattedtext">
<p>This thick, dreadfully dull book covers a variety of gemstones. Almost all of the information is both boring and erroneous. It has been said that this book is only useful as a paperweight, and even then the point is debatable. (-10)</p>
<p>Nature: Normal</p>
<p>Quelle: xxx Seite: xxx</p>
<link class="imagewindow" recordname="image.id-00001">TURICS_STAFF</link>
<identified type="string">A Treatise on the Lore of Minerals</identified>
<isidentified type="number">0</isidentified>
<name type="string">A Treatise on the Lore of Minerals</name>
<nonidentified type="string">Miscellanous Magie Item</nonidentified>

But I also would like to create a table with this magic items as a "normal" item, like the weapon list of the character law.
I looked at the documentation in wiki, but could not find it.

best regards

March 16th, 2015, 03:03
The RMC ruleset currently has multiple types of items. The ones that are in the right side bar which it looks like you are showing in your XML aren't the ones you will want to use. You will want to use the ones that are from the inventory tab of a character sheet. I would enter them on a character and then export the character to get the base XML for it. If you want to use the same type of list, the XML in Character Law has the correct format to use. My PC died a couple hours ago or I would put together a template module for you to use. Hopefully I will have the new power supply by the end of the week. Please let me know if you still have questions and I will upload a template once I get my PC working again.

March 17th, 2015, 00:57
Thank you for the offer, a template would be nice.

I looked at the exported modul, it includes also a character.
But the managing of item via a "donkey character" is not very easy, if the amount of item is growing.
Therefore I am looking for a solution as item table as shown in the pictures.

I can do it in two steps
1. creating only the magic item list - as shown in the XML Code above
2. creating the item table - as shown in the picture.

I collect some experience with the spell cast transfer as module via XML.

I created a Access database some years ago, in which I managed my creature, spell list and treasure generation (incl. magic item from various resource).
Now I am using it as base for the creating my adventures and magical item (as described in the C&T II).
The formulas within the Access Database are used as input template for spell list and spells, later exported as Fantasy Ground spell list XML Code.

So the next step is the magic item export for Fantasy Ground RMC. :-)

so no need to hurry, please fix your PC carefully.

Thank you very much
:-) plastictotoro

March 17th, 2015, 08:45
The replacement power supply is on it way. I've got my old laptop setup so I should be able to put together the template. Is the picture you showed the table format you prefer or would you like it to be a different one from chapter 8 of Character Law?

March 17th, 2015, 19:59
The main reason for the table is that I can store the magic item as "weapon" for the inventory of a character.
May I ask you for the "Type" List, too?

The layout can be the same as table 08-14, because this table shows the description.

I am very thankful for your support.

But really, do not hesitate so much, the answer could wait a few days longer.

Thank you very much
:-) plastictotoro

March 18th, 2015, 03:13
I have been working on something similar recently, hope I don't steal your thunder Dakadin :).

Here are the basics of a Weapon table. I left the Remark text just so that I would have a reference for myself, but it is not necessary (this is the line beginning with: <!----).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<root version="2.9" RMCVersion="1.4">
<library static="true">
<name type="string">ModuleName</name>
<categoryname type="string">Description of Module</categoryname>
<librarylink type="windowreference">
<name type="string">11.0 Tables</name>
<name type="string">11.0 Tables</name>
<text type="formattedtext">
<link class="referenceweapons5" recordname="[email protected]">Table Name</link>

<!----501 Battle axe (ba) -------->
<name type='string'>Battle Axe</name>
<weight_s type='string'>5-9</weight_s>
<length_s type='string'>2.5-4</length_s>
<type type='number'>3</type>
<weight type='number'>7</weight>
<length type='number'>4</length>
<fumble type='number'>5</fumble>
<inum type='string'>501</inum>
<rural type='string'>13sp</rural>
<prod type='string'>2 days</prod>
<strength type='string'>70</strength>
<breakfactor type='string'>155+</breakfactor>
<rng1 type='number'>0</rng1>
<rng2 type='number'>0</rng2>
<rng3 type='number'>0</rng3>
<rng4 type='number'>0</rng4>
<rng5 type='number'>0</rng5>
<mod1 type='number'>0</mod1>
<mod2 type='number'>0</mod2>
<mod3 type='number'>0</mod3>
<mod4 type='number'>0</mod4>
<mod5 type='number'>0</mod5>
<rngslots type='number'>0</rngslots>
<tableid type='string'>ALT-02</tableid>
<name type='string'>Battle Axe</name>
<at17_20 type='number'>0</at17_20>
<at13_16 type='number'>0</at13_16>
<at9_12 type='number'>0</at9_12>
<at5_8 type='number'>0</at5_8>
<at1_4 type='number'>0</at1_4>
<special type='string'></special>

This would work for Weapons, use <equipmentlist7> for Herbs, <equipmentlist10> for Poisons, <equipmentlist5> for transport (horses, ships, etc.), <equipmentlist4> for Food and Drink and Lodging, <equipmentlist2> for Armor, and <equipmentlist1> for Clothing (Boots, Cloaks, etc.).

I've attached a sample of a client.xml I have been working on for a while to get some of the items from Middle-Earth Role-Playing into FG, this is just a sample, but hopefully it gives you an idea.

Here is a list of the various weapon tables that RMC uses so that you can make sure the weapon you create uses the correct table for attacks:

SLT-01 Shock Bolt
SLT-02 Water Bolt
SLT-03 Ice Bolt
SLT-04 Fire Bolt
SLT-05 Lightning Bolt
SLT-06 Cold Ball
SLT-07 Fire Ball

Arms Law Tables:
ALT-01 Armored fist
ALT-02 Battle Axe
ALT-03 Bola
ALT-04 Broadsword
ALT-05 Club
ALT-06 Composite bow
ALT-07 Dagger
ALT-08 Falchion
ALT-09 Flail
ALT-10 Handaxe
ALT-11 Heavy Crossbow
ALT-12 Javelin
ALT-13 Lance
ALT-14 Light Crossbow
ALT-15 Long Bow
ALT-16 Mace
ALT-17 Main Gauche
ALT-18 Morning Star
ALT-19 Polearm
ALT-20 Quarterstaff
ALT-21 Rapier
ALT-22 Scimitar
ALT-23 Short Bow
ALT-24 Short sword
ALT-25 Sling
ALT-26 Spear
ALT-27 Two-Handed Sword
ALT-28 War Hammer
ALT-29 War Mattock
ALT-30 Whip

Hope this helps you out.

March 18th, 2015, 03:31
Thought I would show a screen cap of what mine looks like. I need to change the name of the table, but other than that, it is pretty much done.


March 18th, 2015, 08:08
I have been working on something similar recently, hope I don't steal your thunder Dakadin :).

Not at all. I just wanted to make sure plastictotoro was able to create his module. Thanks for stepping in to help out. :)

March 22nd, 2015, 21:05
Thank you for your help.

I will adapt the new possibilities in my database.

May I ask for a list which describes the type of an item, e.g. "Potion", "Special", ...

Is it necessary to use the name and id of the attack table?

Thank you for your help.
:-) plastictotoro

March 23rd, 2015, 02:46
May I ask for a list which describes the type of an item, e.g. "Potion", "Special", ...

Sure, this is what I used for the various table types:
<equipmentlist6> Weapons
<equipmentlist7> Herbs
<equipmentlist10> Poisons
<equipmentlist5> transport (horses, ships, etc.)
<equipmentlist4> Food and Drink and Lodging
<equipmentlist2> Armor
<equipmentlist1> Clothing (Boots, Cloaks, etc.).

If you are asking for the <type type='number'>13</type> identifier, from what I see they are all 13 for Herbs/Poisons/Breads.

When I created the ones I needed for MERP, I just used the same sections out of Character Law as a baseline that I could modify as needed.

Is it necessary to use the name and id of the attack table?

If you want your weapons to have the ability to automatically lookup via the tables, then this would be necessary. If you do not need that, then the Attack Table name and ID are not necessary.

June 11th, 2015, 22:42

May I ask for your help.

Again, the export of the database to fill the item table are nearly finished.
But during the the testing the link to the table will not appear.

may I ask for your help.

On the other hand, I would like to ask, I can use the graphics inside of the RMC Modul to define the TAB style (colour and icon) before the export.
Who is the person, I have to send this question.

best regards
:-) plastictotoro

June 13th, 2015, 12:04

it is nearly finished, due the big support of the forum the export is working.

Some columns are still missing, but the code to export these will be added soon.

I will add a picture to show a first look at the result.

Thank you very much
:-) plastictotoro

June 13th, 2015, 19:35
It's looking really good plastictotoro!

June 17th, 2015, 00:48
It's looking really good plastictotoro!

After a longer fight (as expected :confused::p) with the string format from FG, the export is working. ;) :D :)

Here is a picture from the export results.

Thank for all help.
:) plastictotoro10271

June 17th, 2015, 00:50
Great job! It looks like you got all of C&T entered in. :)

June 17th, 2015, 01:03
Great job! It looks like you got all of C&T entered in. :)

actual the magic item in the database are from the following rule books:
- C&T
- C&T II
- RC I
- some items from the internet
- some items from the guild companion newsletter

in total 1410 items ;):D

The database is quite old, I started this database a long time ago.
I used this database to create monster and treasure for my adventeurs.
The treasure generator is 100% and based the rule from the C&T II.

best regards
:) plastictotoro

June 17th, 2015, 01:39
That's even more impressive! :D