View Full Version : Paladin - Oath Spells

March 7th, 2015, 19:26
From the PHB, all it says is:
"Oath Sp e l l s
Each oath has a list of associated spells. You gain
access to these spells at the levels specified in the oath
description. Once you gain access to an oath spell, you
always have it prepared. Oath spells donít count against
the number of spells you can prepare each day.
If you gain an oath spell that doesnít appear on the
paladin spell list, the spell is nonetheless a paladin
spell for you."

Then under the actual Oath Path you take, you get various spells.

My question is can these be cast again and again, or is a long rest required? The rules aren't clear when it comes to the Oath Spells.


March 7th, 2015, 21:48
Oath spells are just like normal spells but they are always prepared, which means they do not count against your daily limit of spells you can prepare. You cast them using your spell slots just like any other paladin spell.