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February 27th, 2015, 19:44
Ok, so I suck at coding and making extensions etc. But I'd like to do something to help the 5E community here. I am thinking of creating some free adventure content for 5E so people have something pre-built they could play.

However, I am not sure about Wizard's Copyright restrictions. Does anyone know exactly what 5E content can be shared? My understanding is that rules and systems cannot be copyrighted, so the 5E mechanics can be shared (such as the 5E ruleset) but intellectual property such as anything to do with the Forgotten Realms setting, Maps, and adventure plot/stories etc. cannot be shared? Are we able to share Wizards of the Coast's monster stat blocks? I am not sure if these are covered by copyright?

Any advice is greatly appreciated

February 28th, 2015, 01:52
I think if you stuck to monsters available in the Basic Free PDF and you removed all descriptions from them you should technically be ok.

Drag a Monster from Basic Monsters into Personalities. Unlock it and remove the Descriptive text. Add a note to refer to the MM or to the Basic PDF and add a link back to the monster in your Basic PDF.
This way you can still setup your encounters and so long as the GM has the Basic Monsters parsed using Valeros basic par5e tool she can access the descriptive fluff.

Of course this is my opinion only.