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January 1st, 2015, 14:09

I've just bought some token packs from the FG store, downloaded them and ran the automated installer. I now have a second "Fantasy Grounds II" folder under my programs with "AddOns" and a folder with the name of the collection. But in this last folder there is nothing to be found. There is no module I could copy into my Application Folder where the other modules are, nor any other file which I maybe had to rename to the module extension. The only option I have is to deinstall the collection when I open the folder under "Start" and the list of programs. In FG directly is no module for activation, either.

I'm at a loss how to proceed now. Not sure if I have to contact Fiery Dragon Games directly, but while searching the forums here it seems that other users have bought these modules as well, so maybe someone could help me out.

Would be greatly appreciated!

January 1st, 2015, 15:02
worth trying...
in your *new %appdata%\fantasy grounds II folder create a tokens folder and rerun the install. see if it puts anything there. if it does move it over to the standard folder and send an email to [email protected]

January 1st, 2015, 16:46
Have you checked to see if, after the installation, there is a token module available to activate in the token screen in Fantasy Grounds?

Another thing to try - if you bought the tokens from the Fantasy Grounds website and the order was associated with your FG website login ID, make sure this login ID and password is entered in the FG Settings screen and run an update - the update mechanism might install the token module (if it has been setup by FG to use the updater).

January 1st, 2015, 17:02
Some of our older installers may be hard-coded to the default application data folder and not pulling it from the settings. There should be a module you can manually copy over from there or you can do like Trenloe suggests (which is the recommended thing to have in place) and then it will auto-install the latest versions of everything for you and pick up the proper location from your settings whenever your run an Update.