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December 4th, 2014, 15:20
Currently creating and parsing my D&D 5e/Harn world for use with FG and I am wondering which format would be better for use building my Gods module. I like the Story but would rather not have a bunch of entries cluttering up the windows. I have played around some with the Reference Manual and its looks like it would be the better of the 2. Anyone have any experience or preferences building using the Reference Manual part of Par5e?

Just wondering how deep I can go in nesting subchapters here so I am not cluttering everything up. There will be at least 10 Gods with lots of data.

Here's how it looks as a Reference Manual using a small portion of the data .

December 6th, 2014, 00:41
I think the reference section should work fine for your Harn project. As far as nesting with Par5e, it doesn't go too deep, just a couple of layers (#@; ##;) and heading options (#h; #bp;). The linking tools make it possible to create more apparent depth. Based on your image, you already know this :).
Back in college, I played in a low-magic Rolemaster campaign for a couple of years using the Harn setting...it was great. I still have many of the region modules from the old days. I would love to revisit Harn, especially using 5e. If you would like some help with your project send me a PM, I would love to help out. It's a big job! I also have access to a large format optical scanner with OCR.
I have also parsed the 5e PHB and MM (still working on getting all the tokens made).
Anyway, drop a line if you want some help.

December 7th, 2014, 14:42
I have most of the Harn stuff in print and the bought PDF's as well. Kind of a collector (aka packrat with my Harn and Rolemaster stuff). Not planning to add everything just enough to play. Figured the Religion book would be best suited to testing the reference manual.

The big project will be rewriting the d20 Harn Guide for 5e. :cry: