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September 22nd, 2014, 04:33
Hey, new FG user. GM just started running D&D 5E with a mix of our old group comprised of equal East and West Coast players combining FG and Google Hangouts. So good to be able to play with the old group again and have it be almost like the old days. I'm going to be purchasing the CoC ruleset and some of the add-ons. Just wondering if the Malleus Monstrorum will ever be incorporated, or if the instructions for adding new monsters is easy and adequately detailed in the basic rules?

Can't wait to see how CoC runs in FG. I know creating the air of mystery and horror will be a little more difficult in an online environment as opposed to being gathered in one room where you can use music, lighting etc. to bolster the ambiance, but we've found the FG program to be so intuitive and easy to use, I can't help but think it will make running a CoC game relatively easy.

Really excited by this program. Thumbs way, way up!

September 22nd, 2014, 05:49
hey scrmwrtr42!
i havent played much cthulhu but i ran a couple of sessions using Trail of Cthulhu a couple of months ago - it was good fun.
if you are finding the interface easy enough then you will have no issues with adding new critters to the game.
what I would suggest you do is start a blank campaign, add you new critters and then export it as a module making sure to select the personailities.
you can then open this module in all your other campaigns. if you need to add some more go back to that original campaign and add some more and do another export.

i havent heard anything about the Malleus Monstrorum being added...