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September 20th, 2014, 08:52
Ruleset development has started and I'll be using this thread to post progress and discuss FG integration.

First integration question:
BoL uses 2d6 against a target number with two separate modifiers being added to the roll - Attribute and Combat Ability for a combat roll and Attribute and Career for a non-combat roll. This means that I can't generate a dice roll from a single field on the sheet.

At the moment I see two ways of doing this:

dragging / double clicking the relevant numbers into the modifier box, then clicking a 'roll button'
having a checkbox by the relevant numbers, selecting this, then clicking a 'roll button'

In either case should the roll button by on the sheet, or down near the modifier box?

Boons and Flaws can influence rolls. Either can add an extra dice to the 2d6. If the roll is a flaw roll the highest are dropped, if a boon the roll the lowest is dropped. More than one boon or flaw can effect the roll, however they would cancel each other out until only boons or flaws are left. Thoughts on how this can be integrated into FG (not the code, but what the players do and see)?

September 20th, 2014, 09:26
You could do something similar to my Unisystem ruleset. On the skills, I've got a label cycler field that marks which attribute to use for the roll, as you can use different attributes for a skill depending on context. Then, when the player double-clicks the skill, the code looks up the currently selected attribute and adds that to the roll. Could do something like that for the Combat Abilities and Career list items.

The boons and flaws could be handled with checkboxes to be selected for a roll, which you could check when building the dice pool to roll for the combat ability or career.

If you do go with a roll button, I'd go with by the modifier box if you are using that for the skills or on the character sheet if you use that to build the dice pool/modifiers. Basically, having the button to roll the dice near where the players drag stuff to.

September 20th, 2014, 14:45
Yeah I think the Cycler could be the way to go.

September 20th, 2014, 16:26
The label cycle field would be a 'box' that you would click to cycle through the attributes? This could lead to multiple clicking if you wanted the attribute preceding the current selected?

September 20th, 2014, 17:08
Yes it would. You could do a drop down instead, The old Base ruleset had one of those for gender.

September 21st, 2014, 03:43
can you explain the mechanic more?
how many attributes are there?
how many combat abilities are there?
how many careers are there?

September 21st, 2014, 09:29
The Core Mechanic

Whenever you attempt an action that has some chance of failure, roll two six-sided die (2D6). This is a task roll. To determine if your character succeeds at a task, do this:

Roll 2D6
Add the relevant attribute
Add any relevant combat abilities (if fighting)
Add any relevant career (if not fighting)
Add any modifiers

If the result is 9 or more, your character succeeds.

If the result is lower than 9, you fail.

A natural 12 (i.e. two sixes) on the dice is always a success.

A natural 2 (i.e. two ones) on the dice is always a failure.

Mighty Success: If rolling a 12 would have been a success in any event, you have instead achieved a Mighty Success.

Legendary Success: If you roll a 12 and spend a Hero Point, you can convert your Mighty Success into a Legendary Success.

Calamitous Failure: If you roll a 2 (two ones), you can choose to convert this failure into a Calamitous Failure. A Calamitous Failure is described by the player but must put the Hero into a disadvantageous situation at least for the current and next round (if in combat), or for the immediate future in a scene that doesn’t involve combat. In doing this, the player may be awarded a bonus Hero Point for use later during the adventure (which means you can exceed the usual limit of 5 Hero Points).

The effects of Boons and Flaws

You might have a boon or a flaw that enables you to roll three dice instead of two dice. But you still take the result of only two of those dice. If it is a boon that allows you to roll an extra die (a bonus die), you drop the lowest die. If it is a flaw (where you roll a penalty die), then you drop the highest die.

September 21st, 2014, 09:40
My current interpretation is as below:


The Attributes will all be rollable, adding their value to a 2d6 roll. The stars by the Combat Abilities and Careers are radio style buttons. If the 'Combat Abilities and Careers' checkbox is not checked then the Combat Abilities and Careers are one set of radio style buttons, this is the normal way to play, ie only one Combat Ability or Career can be selected. In exceptional circumstances the GM can allow both a Combat Ability and a Careers to apply to the roll. In this case the Combat Abilities and Careers checkbox is selected and both the Combat abilities and Careers are two separate sets of radio buttons, allowing one of each to be selected.

Any selected Combat Abilities and/or Careers will be added to the Attribute dice roll.

September 21st, 2014, 11:32
do you need the Combat Ability and Career checkbox?
can you simplify it and leave it to the player to ensure only 1 ability or career is checked?
if so then its:

roll 2d6 -
if critical fail (1 + 1) - report critical fail
else if critical success (6 + 6) - report critical success
else if result 3-11 -
check if combat ability is checked -
if yes - adjust total and adjust string
check if career is checked -
if yes - adjust total and adjust string
report total and string
uncheck tick boxes

September 21st, 2014, 13:29
I don't need it, no. It's just a safeguard to ensure players don't have both checked unless they're 'allowed' to.

Critical success is only a critical success if the result would have been a success anyway, if the result would have been a fail, it's a normal success, similar for critical failures.

September 21st, 2014, 13:33
if your roll results string outputs everything eg:

[ROLL] Magician +2 Mind +2 [SUCCESS] 11 (5 2 +2 +2)
[ROLL] Ranged +1 Agility -1 [FAILURE] 8 (6 2 +1 -1)

then you could do away with it.
it probably adds a lot more coding to include the check for it and then to check that there is a check against both a career and a combat etc..?

September 21st, 2014, 13:34
and doing an uncheck of any checked fields after the result would help to reduce that...