View Full Version : Call of Cthulhu ruleset token size and scale?

September 12th, 2014, 23:56
I don't own the CoC ruleset (I don't play Cthulhu) but someone asked me to look into making some tokens.

I wonder what's the current take of the ruleset on token scale? Is auto scale (at 100% or 80%) activated by default? Do NPC sheets or CT have a scale unit? Is the 50 pixels grid size the most common? What's the common scale, a meter for a grid unit, 2 meters, 5 feet?


Moon Wizard
September 13th, 2014, 05:05
Grid size is totally dependent on the map image used, and usually varies quite a bit. Since many CoC modules predate Doug's QA, I'm not sure if there is a common grid /pixel scale in the DLC modules.

CoC uses CoreRPG token options, so defaults to 80% of grid auto-scale. Also, I believe the portrait tokens for CoreRPG based rulesets is 50x50.


September 13th, 2014, 06:02
Thanks a lot.

No habit about the scale among the CoC FG players (well, GMs)?

September 13th, 2014, 09:44
CoC is far less map and token centric... I use the same settings I use in my fantasy gaming. I dont see any reason to change for Cthulhu.

September 13th, 2014, 10:04
Yup I know, but there might be some habit about it.

Whatever the focus, it's important for token design. Do I make a car token bigger or a child token smaller than the human (adult) one or not, these kind of things.

September 13th, 2014, 10:41
I would always suggest that making a car token bigger and a child smaller makes good sense.
In some of the CoreRPG rulesets it looks at the NPC or Character SIZE and scales the tokens appropriately so a Medium creatures token will always be the same as a Man.
I dont know of CoC does that.
Inanimate objects like cars would not benefit from that... unless you made them an NPC :)