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September 4th, 2014, 00:50
Back in 1876 terror enveloped Varney Flats, but a group of heroes saved the townsfolk and became legends. They gave their lives but destroyed the dark creatures and the train they rode on...
That was two hundred years ago, the world is a different place... it ended, the ghost rock bombs fell, millions died, but life continued barely.
The Wasted West is a dangerous place and travelling alone is inadvisable so you have signed on as a caravan guard, the route takes you through what was once Bloody Kansas and refuelling at the Fuel stop at Varney Flats, then on to Dodge. The journey has been uneventful but this morning you can hear the sound of engines roaring down the road towards you....
Come join me on Saturday 18th 10 am (UTC+1) for some Post-Apocalyptic Action

October 11th, 2014, 01:44
Just a quick message to say that I am here on the forums. Looking forward to playing Return to Varney Flats.

October 11th, 2014, 21:07
Current character selection:

Nitsa Chovett - Fred
Zyrillus Waintwright - Scott
Kalyn Kehoe - Callum
Samual Thomas - Dominik
Kui Yun - ?
Lucy Walker - ?

Please feel free to post any questions etc. here :)

October 16th, 2014, 19:37
Lucy was a veteran Texas Ranger, she has seen and fought almost all there is to see.
An encounter with a Mojave rattler has left her with a maimed leg, but that did not stop her from roaming the west, death seems to follow her and many a friend has died over the years, but the Law must be upheld.
In 1879 Lucy Walker was killed saving the people of Varney Flats when a night train (train carrying 30+ Nosferatu) attacked the town, however she did not rest in peace, she has roamed the land for the last 400 years upholding the law.
The Texas Rangers may be gone, the law may well be an outdated idea, but as long as Lucy can keep the evil spirit that yearns to be free to cause death and mayhem, she will continue to dispense justice.

October 16th, 2014, 19:49
Fifteen years ago when you were but the age of twelve your cruel and harsh child-hood ended, those years of physical and mental abuse to make your mind a weapon was put to the test, the bunker was attacked by mutated creatures they called themselves Doombringers and believed that all non-mutants should be killed, you and your friends all younger than you were forced to attack the Doombringers, when Jonas refused "Father" killed him with a single shot to the head. The battle was fierce and violent in the extreme but ended with you standing alone after the last person you killed was "Father" You grabbed what belongings you could find and took the stick of gum from Jonas' pocket and left never to return. You have travelled far and wide since then as a mercenary and enjoy killing Doombringers every chance you get.

You signed up for the caravan as it would take you East towards Lost Vegas and maybe a chance to kill King Silas and his cult of Doom...

October 16th, 2014, 20:04
A self-styled inventor, 25-year-old Nitsa grew up with an uncommon curiosity about the world in the trading community of Junkard. She's read almost every book that's come through the town. Although her reading has taught her a wide variety of useful knowledge, she has nearly no actual experience with the world, so she didn't always understand how it can be applied outside of her workshop. An experiment went wrong one day with a batch of uranium and since then she has been prone to illness, but she does not let that stop her. About five years ago she got the chance to join an expedition that was planning to head east of the Mississippi to try and recover old tech, the expedition met with disaster on day one when over one thousand zombies attacked the encampment. Nitsa only escaped by using her land-based ejection system.

Since then she has wandered around supposedly heading east back to Junkyard but her curiosity keeps diverting her, she has hired on to the fuel convey as a mechanic to keep the vehicles running.

October 16th, 2014, 20:16
“The world is a dangerous place, if no one else will protect the weak and the innocent then I must. Travelling the land I use my skills as I see fit. Dishonesty is beneath me if I give you my word I will keep it. Prisoners should not be harmed or abused they are in your care once they surrender. I have been travelling with Samuel Thomas that the last six months Templars intrigued me and travelling with Samuel has shown me that there are honourable people left in this world. I may travel with him to Boise Idaho and see this Templar fortress. But for now I will honour my contract defending this caravan.”

October 16th, 2014, 20:22
“My name is Samuel Thomas I am a Templar I have taken the oath of blood and the oath poverty my code of honour is what I live by. Many years ago I was Squire to Nathan of Southgate he taught much and some days I miss him. Five years ago he took me before the Grand Master in Boise I passed the interviews and the tests and I received my tabard and sword. Since then I have roamed this land up holding my pledge to protect the worthy souls of the wasted west from evil with a human evil or supernatural. The hardest part sometimes is deciding whether a person family or village is worthy of my efforts in those times I have disguise myself as a mutant or our cost or disease sole or some other pitiful wretch and have entered the town or home to see what reception I receive. If they prove to be sympathetic and compassionate to me they reveal their true heart and I will pledge my sword to defend their cause. This caravan is travelling west and has no real need of my aid however along the way I may find those that need it and maybe I will give it freely.”

October 16th, 2014, 20:57
Zyrillus Wainwright is a librarian, dedicated to the preservation of the knowledge gained before the apocalypse. He has been sent out into the wastes to rescue information he has been wondering the wastes five years with his trusty companion Newton he found that the dog as a puppy and he has been with him ever since. Books hold particular fascination for him and he has been known to take great risks to attempt to recover a book. He is travelling with the convoy to Varney flats to recover any information he can and return it to the grand library in Sacramento.

October 23rd, 2014, 10:24
Just wanted to say thanks for running this game Doswelk! I had a great time and hope to "see" you again!