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September 3rd, 2014, 19:37
(This series is COMPLETE! a full play through.)

Here's our group playing through the Starter Set adventure, 'The Lost Mine of Phandelver'.

We are new to 5E, but we read part of the rules, so what could go wrong... Right?


Here's the Playlist containing the first session and eventually all the other sessions as well.


September 10th, 2014, 03:06
Week two has been posted...

The goblin lair awaits us, and we emerge triumphant... well, most of us.

September 10th, 2014, 14:33
nice one guys.

September 10th, 2014, 22:05
Thanks damned!

Also, with FG CON coming up I added a note advertising FG CON at the beginning of the first episodes of both the playlists and all of the current weeks episodes for the Lost Mine Let's Play...

Just click the above video to see the note directing folks to the FG CON homepage.

September 10th, 2014, 22:43
Thanks OTG_Wraith!

September 19th, 2014, 01:37
Doing a quick test of streaming our usual Thursday game if anyone wants to stop by...


September 19th, 2014, 03:11
Ive been watching a few of these - well I have them going on the other screen while i pretend to work on my ruleset on the other.

September 19th, 2014, 04:40
Thanks to those that stopped by Twitch, I'll render these and have them up on youtube shortly.

September 21st, 2014, 20:19
Week three is up!

We make our way to Phandalin and find that it has been taken over by people with Southern accents! (oh, and the two good witches from the Wizard of Oz.)

October 7th, 2014, 03:01
Week four is here, and finds our intrepid party engaged in a street fight with the Phandalin gang!

Then we explore a hidden cave...

October 14th, 2014, 05:41
Episode five is up...

We continue exploring the Redbrand cave and level up to 3rd!

October 22nd, 2014, 02:08
Episode six brings us to the end of the Redbrand cave and their secret is revealed!

That, and an esteemed noble that should be enjoying his well earned eternal rest is shattered violently by my critical sneak attack bow shot...

October 29th, 2014, 00:41
These are awesome, I just started watching the YT playlist!

October 29th, 2014, 02:17
ive been watching a few of these when i get time.

November 1st, 2014, 04:07
Thanks for watching guys! Always glad to have more folks enjoying our game, leave us a comment if you get a chance!

Episode seven is up and Owlbears disturb our sleep and we unlock a shop NPC in Phandalin...

November 5th, 2014, 19:43
Episode eight is up...

We have a party with a band of Orcs where we get funky with Filthy and Axebiter in the disco cave!

♪Dun Da Dun Da DunDunDun♫
♫Do the Hustle!♪

November 20th, 2014, 00:48
Episode nine and ten are up...

Where Gavyn meets his mentor and is unimpressed... then one of the crew meets a cruel fate, and then meets an ironic fate, and only then, disturbingly meets his fate.

December 9th, 2014, 23:09
We're back with Episode 11...

We recover from the loss of our companions and trek to the desecrated temple in the Neverwinter Wood.

(We should have one or two more episodes before the New Year. Then resume in the first week after the New Year.)

December 16th, 2014, 04:35
Episode 12 brings us an abbreviated session due to leveling up and a late start.

We continue exploring the lost castle in the Neverwinter, and prepare for the de-desecration of the temple.

January 14th, 2015, 18:33
We're back from holiday break with episode 13!

Where we finish up with the de-desecration of the Neverwinter wood temple and move on to find (finally!) the Dwarf we were meant to find 12 episodes ago.


January 19th, 2015, 16:27
Episode 14 is now up!

We finally enter the big dungeon and learn it must be jelly cause jam don't squeeze like toothpaste?

(Oh, and Den says dork not dong, and the people at the temple chanting Ulatec are wearing robes, not naked...)

January 27th, 2015, 18:31
Episode 15 is here...

...where Goose and Maverick rock out on a pilot's bar upright piano singing, 'Goodness gracious great skulls of fire!"

February 2nd, 2015, 06:28
Episode 16 is the FINAL EPISODE!

We meet the spider-man! Then we pillage his dungeon.

The ending got a little strange as we zoomed through the dungeon looking for a finale, when we already had one. (Silly Players! Finales are for DMs!)

Also we kind of talk about the rooms we didn't enter, so the infos on the dungeon iz out,,, but it's not like you weren't expecting spoilers... right?

Enjoy the ending, and meet us next week as we return to Golarion in THE HOOK MOUNTAIN MASSACRE! Wooo!