View Full Version : Champions Ruleset Alpha Test Videos

July 19th, 2014, 22:54
Here's the first playtest session for Blackfoot's Champions (Hero System) ruleset. Remember this is early alpha. Features are still being added, and bugs still need to be fixed on features that are already in place. This is not even beta yet, just thought folks would like a look at what's there so far.

I made a separate thread for the videos as to not pollute his development thread. If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints about the video production or access to the videos post them here.

However, please head over to this thread to support Blackfoot (http://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?20112-Champions-HERO-System-Ruleset-FG-3-0) with any kudos, or suggestions, and if you spot anything in the video game related that you think he might need to know for development.

Thanks all, enjoy the videos.


Blackfoot is the GM, Dakadin is playing Professor Synapse (Mentalist), His wife Bridget is playing Gold Rush (Speedster), Keven is playing Black Flame (Martial Artist), and I am playing Hadron (Nude Blue Brick)