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June 7th, 2014, 21:59
Made a nice/generic parchment map canvas this AM to use with the Enhanced Images extension, grids, and tiles for FG mapping.

See attached. Enjoy.

ps. btw, this canvas is designed to fit on a 1080p monitor when FG is in full-screen mode. It goes to the top/bottom edges - anyway no off-screen issues when at full size.

edit: original file was accidentally 1506x1000 - fixed.

June 9th, 2014, 01:16
After some experimenting today, I have decided to go with a map canvas size of 1380x900 on my 1080p monitor with FG in full-screen mode. The map canvas seems to fit pretty well, allows room at the top for characters and exposes the chat window and sidebar. 1500 was OK, but a little crowded. The canvas has a blank compass rose that has room to place North at any point.

Attached are the following files - maybe they will be of use to some of you:

1. 1380x900 Map Canvas w/ Compass Rose
2. 1380x900 15x15 Transparent Square Grid Overlay (generated and saved from FG)
3. 1380x900 15x15 Transparent Hex Grid Overlay (generated and saved from FG)

You can use these images to make your own maps with grid overlay layers that will exactly match FG when you turn on the grid and use the alignment tools to align the default grid.

For example, to do this, you would.

1. open the canvas in a paint program, such as Photoshop or paint.net.
2. create another layer for your map content
3. import the grid layer on top as an overlay/guide
4. save the whole thing as a .png and import into FG
5. open the new map, turn on the grid (either hex or square) and align it - should be perfect

You're ready to go...and you can use the mask if you so desire.

June 11th, 2014, 01:09
I decided that I also wanted a smaller map, so I modified the canvas to be 750 x 525 and generated portrait and landscape versions. Either may be handy, depending on what needs to be mapped.

750 x 525 pixels = 50 x 35 grid blocks @ 15x15 = 250' x 175' @ 5' squares.

It should be useful and speed up load times for small stuff vs. the 1380 landscape canvas.

Have at it! :)