View Full Version : So you want to play Iron Heroes now, heres how I use 3.5E to play it!

May 31st, 2014, 18:59
I'm currently using 3.5e with some slight modifications easy to do in 3.5e Ruleset

"Tokens", meaning points earned for special bonuses:
1) In the ACTIONS tab, I create a Spell Class, rename it "Token Pool"
2) add 0 level spells (as Character level+10), so a 3rd level character has 13 potential tokens per Token-type... MOST Token Pools use the formula (Character Level+10=Pool MAX)
3) Name each "Spell" as per Token Pools needed... ex: "Dodge Tokens" "Deception Tokens"....
4) Switch on Spell Preparation, this displays a number of circle bubbles to tick on-off
BTW, you can also use this for Mana Pool as well for Arcanist/Spiritualists.
It was mentioned to me that you can switch the "Book Icon" by pressing it, It goes into another mode (a "Star Icon" shows instead) thus presenting the circle-boxes with checkmarks (Very Handy and practical)

Armor Damage Resistance: (or something like that)
1) Add a new Spell Class, rename it "Armor Damage Resistance"
2) add one "0 level spell"
3) Add a Cure Light Wounds spell from the D20 Spells, Rename it "Damage Resistance" and change the properties (Magnifying glass) to match the damage reduction per Armor worn. It will heal back the damage when the RED cross is pressed
You might have to go to the second magnifying class, to pull off the level modifier (next to HP in the pic) and use "-"

When adding Character "Base Defense" bonus:
Add it as "Defense" on the Combat Tab when adjusting your Armor Class (known as Defense in IH)
AC bonuses are NEVER used in IH, the Class gives a bonus+ per level.
If a Shield is used, then add the appropriate bonus to Shield as normal 3.5E

There are a few skills that might be different (Perform being one), just create new Skill (right-click in skills list)

I've taken the time to make my own Library and added all the new feats and abilities... currently in un-dragable form, but I will re-xml it to make it drag-drop capable soon.
I just left it unlocked so my players can copy/paste info as needed.