View Full Version : Is there a Pathfinder ruleset

May 23rd, 2014, 14:26
Is there a Pathfinder ruleset or is it built-in? I'm a little confused about what the default FG program includes. I've purchased the Savage Worlds ruleset because that's what a lot of my friends play but I would like to host some Pathfinder campaigns. After learning the Pathfinder rules of course. :)

May 23rd, 2014, 14:42
Pathfinder ruleset is built in. When you create a new Campaign select PFRPG ruleset and your up and running!

May 23rd, 2014, 15:17
Pathfinder is probably the best supported ruleset on Fantasy Grounds...

May 23rd, 2014, 16:05
Be sure to check this sub-forum for community produced extensions and modules: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?63-3-5E-Pathfinder

May 23rd, 2014, 18:52
Its built in. Granted it comew alraey installed with the core rulebook and beastiary 1 and a spell book but there are more book to download on the forums.
while i am still learning how to use the progr. and thanks to the community have a much better grasp on it, i woukd be more than willing to help u out if u have any questions about the pathfinder game. Also check out the pathfinder rpg (fantasy grounds) group on steam. Very helpful people who can help and teach if u have any questions.