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May 21st, 2014, 06:41
2014 Dungeoneering contest

Four teams of 4-5 players will compete against each other by exploring the dungeon. Each Team will earn points for successfully solving problems, avoiding death and unconsciousness, etc. Along with the teams competing against each other to complete the adventure with the most points, the viewers of my YouTube channel will places their favor and score estimates as to who they think will win. The winning team with the most points will win prizes as well as the YouTube viewer who picks the winner team along with the closest guess to the score total.

Availible prizes will include: Hand made terrain pieces, pdf via drivethru rpg, and a chance at a couple of older out of print D&D modules such as Palace of the Silver Princess. More prizes may be added to the pool by donations if anyone is interested.

Point structure for this contest:
5 points for successfully overcoming the primary objective of each room within the dungeon.
3 points for each secondary objective.
1 point for each minor objective up to a maximum of 5 points.
3 points if all members of the team are ready to play at the allotted time.
5 points if no PC falls unconscious on your team.
10 points if there is no resting during entire adventure.
-5 points for each PC that dies.
3 points for naming of the team.
10 points if a video is sent to me with an introduction of each player on your team and their character's ties to each other and the team before the first session has started. (limit 1 per team)
10 points if a video is sent to me recapping with each player their experience of the adventure afterwards but not posted prior to all sessions being concluded. (limit 1 per team)
5 points if entire team completes and exits the dungeon within the 3 hour time limit.
1 point will be rewarded if your play session results in an increase of 100 subscribers for the week it plays for a maximum of 5 points.
The sessions will be hosted by Keith Hershey Jr. via Fantasy Grounds and Google+. Since I hold an ultimate license for Fantasy Grounds, players only need an unregistered version (free) to play. I will be using the 5e ruleset from the last playtest packet. Character generation will occur online during the 1 hour open server time period. Stat generation will be 3d6 straight down the line. (May Tymora shine upon you during this time). The adventure session will last 3 hours and is timed. The scores will be tallied at the end of the session and the teams notified shortly thereafter of their final score. After the sessions all conclude each team's session will air on my channel for one week. After all 4 teams sessions have aired on my channel the winners will be announced. At this time I will post any videos the teams made of their recaps of the adventure.

When will this occur: The sessions will be start between June 1st 2014 through June 8th 2014, depending on availibility of the teams.
If you are interested in donating prizes please email me directly at [email protected]
For teams interested in participating please respond in the comments section of my YouTube video found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZnUATL-v7k
I will announce in a seperate video the teams hopefully with a video supplied to me by said team prior to June 1st 2014 where the YouTube viewers may start to cast their vote with score guesses in the comment section of that video to enter the contest.