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May 12th, 2014, 10:28
First up Great Con, my first FGCON and will not be my last, thanks to all the organizers, top notch effort guys.

Hey guys, RPGing you get a lot of strange an unusual events, I would love for GMs or Players to perhaps list there experience below, I know Fizban and I were sharing inbetween our sessions, we end up having a good 30 min chat about our experience which was nice, next one I setting up a GM/Player lounge and serve beer.

Did you Party accomplish it Objective?

Barely - The party was to lead 11 civilians to safety, apart of the civilians were 2 players. The marine (player) guiding them survived and only one other player survived playing a star trek fanboy (who dump his red shirt in the first 10 minutes of the game)

What was the funniest event that happened in your game
There is a toss up of two events that had me laughing Scotty (the trek fan) grabbed a firehose to squirt the alien in the face, to stop him from aim at them. It was a real smart plan, as they were all light on firepower. However he slipped over on to his back as he opened it up and let go of the noozle that went flying around in the small corridor. I just had such a funny image in my head when this happened of this player in a trekkie outfit outwitted by a fireman hose.

The other was a creature had wrapped itself around a civilian who happen to be a female lawyer, at first there was a funny banter of leaving her to the fate, however they tried to attack the creature, first with Nunchakus which end up missing shattering the lawyers hand, then they followed up opening up with guns completely missing the beast with multiple round each hitting the lawyers, until she died of atleast 6-8 wounds. After the laswyer died that kill the beast in one round. Suspicious <wink>

The smartest move the party made
The were many most the time the smartest move was the avoidance of fighting the aliens, but if I had to put it down to one. They used the terrain always to there advantage, even moving into buildings to get from one street to another.

The most unfortunate move the party made
Aliens techs were repairing a Walking Tank, they avoided this battle, however once the walking tank was back in the fight it fired it shell into the party, this were 4 civilians were killed.

Did your game run to time
I did do a little tweaking as playing however the 5 hour session was 4.30 hrs, so I would say yes. Its hard when not knowing how long fights will take.

Biggest Kill
Did not have too many variance in aliens however the biggest kill would of been the initial aliens they can across.

Happy to add a few more question if people like, but really keen on hearing some of your games.

May 12th, 2014, 12:22
Did you Party accomplish it Objective?
Yes... and no. My game was a bit of an experiment for me. I introduced an element of PVP into the game 2/3rds way thru - but yes one of the charcacters achieved his victory conditions completely :)

What was the funniest event that happened in your game
There were some interesting character personalities and some of them played really well. Some were easier to play than others. The players sometimes struggled to break out of co-op mindset and take advantage of situations presented to them.

The smartest move the party made
Either when they made the thief invisible or copying the stolen keys and returning them...

The most unfortunate move the party made
Made the thief invisible...

Did your game run to time
Not even close. I was running late and we ran overtime in the game. If I run again it will be a 5hrs session and I will have to run it much tighter.

Biggest Kill
Very little bloodshed which was part of their brief - but they got the target and her protector.

May 13th, 2014, 06:24
Murder Mystery:
A group of player-investigators are called in by the Castles Priest, Morliko. To investigate the murders occurring at the castle.

The Baron dies...
7 days later... A prisoner is killed in a holding cell... the metal door broken to pieces.
3 days after that, The Weapons Master chopped to pieces in his workshop
A woman of the night beheaded in the courtyard the same night as the Weapons Master's death.
2 days later (the night before the Players arrive to investigate), A group of six guards slaughtered in the Barracks.

Who did it?
Priest Morliko has power of attorney for a few more days... and he wants the murders solved before handing the inheritance down to the next of kin.
Was it the Eldest Son Alderbrand?
Was it the Baron's Wife, Isabella?
Was it the Captain of the guard, Sir Grumm?
Was it the Tavern owner, Velemine?
Was it the Middle Daughter, Jellica?
Was it the youngest son, Lorek?
or was it Morliko himself??

The players discover they all have motives, and they find the web goes deep!

Did you Party accomplish it Objective?
Yes, though we did extend the 3 hour session to 4 1/2 hrs long. It was a challenge to gauge the time but I was close.
It was a Castles & Crusades "Murder Mystery" with little combat and more of players running around a castle finding clues and investigating the people. The Extra Hour and a half got the group to the finali. (and I did tell they party ahead of time it may need another hour)

What was the funniest event that happened in your game
Some quirp about Girl on Girl action with one of the Investigations... there were a few laughable moments with voice-acting.

The smartest move the party made
The party remembers the locked box they have been carrying all this time (after forgetting about it) which held 3 of the 4 crystals needed to stop the "Bad-guy" JUST before charging into the room for the finali.

The most unfortunate move the party made
Almost unfortunate... they almost lynched the wrong guy.

Did your game run to time
I did pre-anticipate that we might need a bit more time, and the players were all very interested in finding out who-dunnit
Running a usual 2 hr session for many years you can almost figure out how much action can occur.

Biggest Kill
Wasn't much combat, one small group of Ghouls were killed.
But the Final Boss was a freed Entity (A Devourer) which was imprisoned many years ago and sealed away in the lower sanctum of the Fortress (Released by the Youngest son who learn a few things from Morliko's dark Necromancer past).
Placing the 4 discovered crystals back on the surrounding pedestals... to re-imprison the Evil.

The initiative order had commenced to 3 of the players able to place the crystals, but the Devourer had initiative over the last player with the final crystal.
The Devourer attacks with a claw (Ghoul Touch), The player is HIT, but saves vs Paralysis, so I make him roll a Dex save with the pounding he took to place the final crystal for his action....

He Crit rolled 20 for his save!
Placed the final crystal so precise, it doubled the imprisoning effect on the creature... lol.
Needless to say it was an awesome last roll of the game.