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March 16th, 2014, 13:08
Hello Forum,

Is there a way to add things to BRP. I am running a super hero RP and I want the Superworld powers and modifiers available to my group. At the moment we are referencing the physical books and manually entering the powers as needed, but I would like a way to have it available for them in Fantasy Grounds.


Moon Wizard
March 16th, 2014, 19:51
If there are already modules available for the BRP ruleset, you can always make a copy and edit the internal XML to reference the new abilities.

Whether the new abilities can be used in a drag and drop fashion depends on whether the ruleset supports drag and drop abilities from modules. I'm not familiar with the ruleset, so I'm not sure.

There's a guide on the wiki page for making modules from one of the community members


March 17th, 2014, 11:05
You can definitely add abilities to FG modules for BRP. But this requires writing your own module with the Superworld abilities included. You need be familiar with XML for this, as there is no "wizard" for ths kind of operation available (yet).

March 21st, 2014, 23:35
Righteo. For now I'll just enter the extra stuff in the program itself, its no biggy. Time to dust off the old XML skills though, I will try to put something up over the next few months. Thanks for the help guys.