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March 3rd, 2014, 21:39
I'm trying to talk my group into playing Rolemaster for our next game. I bought the RMC ruleset and want to allow the option for people to use compatible classes. I have plenty of time before there is a even a chance I'll be running this campaign so I have time to explore some options.

First, want to create modules for either the RM2 Companion classes or adjusted RMFRP classes from those companions. What I want to avoid doing, however, is manually typing the spell lists into Excel myself. I'm hoping that these exist somewhere in the RM geekaverse. Once I have those I can write a spreadsheet to create the xml code for me. I looked at one of the others and it doesn't appear to be that complicated.

I suppose I could hit up ICE and see what they have plans for. If they had books in mind that they were planning on converting for FG later, that's cool, but they are welcome to take whatever I build and use it or sell it or whatever. I just want to have usable spell lists and profession options for the game.

Anyone have any ideas or know of any resources I can draw from.

March 3rd, 2014, 22:03
Hmm... from what I remember, when I was running a campaign, we had to enter the Companion spell lists etc... manually. One saving grace is that you can just do it a level at a time, corresponding to when a player learns those ranks.

March 3rd, 2014, 22:25
I thought about that, but figured there is probably a better way. I opened the date for the Spell Law module and it doesn't appear that making the module would be all that difficult, provided I can get the spell lists in some usable format. Failing that, I suppose I can make some efficient method to transcribe them. Having them in FG before the game would save me a lot of prep time between sessions and make it easier for players who have never played RM before and might find it a bit daunting.

March 4th, 2014, 07:21
I don't think ICE has worked out the legal issues for most of the Rolemaster companion books. They've been trying to track down authors to see what they can work out but I am not sure what the details are. The only one that I know they have everything worked out for is Rolemaster Companion 1.

I've been creating modules with the basic profession information, the skill costs for the professions and the races from all 7 Rolemaster companions. I still need to put in the spell lists. Unfortunately, I can't share them because of copyright issues.

Once nice thing is if you create modules for it, the ruleset will dynamically update the drop down lists to include everything in the modules as long as you put them in the right format.

The spell lists are pretty straight forward but if you try to fill in levels that aren't in FG or multiples for each level, I don't think the current version of the RMC ruleset will display them properly. I plan on fixing that in the next version.

For professions and their skill costs it actually requires entry in two different spots in the XML.

You will need a <professions> section in the <reference> section. It is just the basics for each profession. Here is the fighter from Character Law as an example:

<name type="string">Fighter</name>
<realm type="string">Pick One</realm>
<stat type='string'>Co</stat>
<stat type='string'>St</stat>
<width type="number">402</width>
<height type="number">198</height>
<dynamic type="string">both</dynamic>
<position type="number">8</position>
<icon type="string">restorewindow</icon>
<label type="string">Reset to default size.</label>
<text type="formattedtext">
<p>Fighters are the primary arms specialists. Fighters will find it easy to develop a variety of different weapons and to wear heavier types of armor. They are less skilled in maneuvering and manipulating mechanical devices such as locks and traps (though they are still superior in those areas to spell users) and have the greatest difficulty in learning anything connected with spells.</p>
<b>Prime requisites: </b>Constitution and Strength.

You only really need to fill in the <name>, <realm>, and the <primerequisites> sections for the automation in the ruleset. One important thing to realize is the profession tags (e.g., <fighter></fighter>) are used in the skill cost section to match them up with the appropriate profession.

You will need a <skilllist> section in the <reference> section if you want the skill costs filled in automatically. The <skilllist> has 2 important subsections: <primaryskills> and <secondaryskills>. For each of these you only need a small section to get the skill cost lookup correctly. Here is an example from my Rolemaster Companion 2 module:

<title type="string">Primary Skills</title>
<fullname type='string'>Maneuvering in Soft Leather</fullname>
<name type='string'>Man. in Soft Leather</name>
<dancer type='string'>2/*</dancer>
<scholar type='string'>3/*</scholar>
<trader type='string'>2/*</trader>
<beastmaster type='string'>2/*</beastmaster>
<dervish type='string'>5/*</dervish>
<paladin type='string'>1/*</paladin>
<warriormage type='string'>2/*</warriormage>
<necromancer type='string'>9</necromancer>
<warlock type='string'>4/*</warlock>
<witch type='string'>9</witch>
<conjuror type='string'>9</conjuror>
<sage type='string'>4/*</sage>
<runemaster type='string'>9</runemaster>
<shaman type='string'>1/*</shaman>

I've only included the sections that are needed in the module for the skill costs. You will need the <fullname> and <name> for each skill. The list in the <costs> section for each skill needs to match the tag used for the professions. The example should give you an idea on how to set them up. Don't use spaces in the tag names and it should work fine. The secondary skills work the same way.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

March 4th, 2014, 17:28
Well, the good news that I have at least a year before I even think about running the game. I hope that ICE gets more of the copyright issues resolved before then. All thing considered, I'd rather buy the modules than build them myself.

As for the spell lists, I'll just look forward to seeing any updates you make!