View Full Version : Some thoughts on future Con dates

January 15th, 2014, 22:58
One of the worst things about running a face to face con is finding a good date. You want a date that doesn't conflict with other major cons or any other social events/occasions since any conflict is likely to reduce your attendance. Small cons live and die over their choice of dates.

When I owned two game stores we use to run what we called mini-cons where we would keep the stores open 24 hours for a weekend and run games around the clock. We experimented with different dates and in the process of getting feedback from customers I had a customer offer me a simple insight: most gamers can't go to major cons due to scheduling or financial constraints.

However, it occurred to me recently that this doesn't have to be true for an online con and, in fact; it actually might be better to schedule a FG Virtual Con at the same time as a major con, say... GenCon. Can't make GenCon? Well, come to the FG online Con. Are you at GenCon? Well just login and play a few games when you don't have anything scheduled.

Running the virtual con at the same time as a major con would open up dates for the virtual con and offer something to anyone not able to go personally. Any thoughts on the idea?

January 15th, 2014, 23:13
Maybe if it was GenCon and Smiteworks were attending, they could have silent players in the games and have them shown at the Con?

January 17th, 2014, 16:20
I like that idea. But then again, it would need to be marketed in places where people would hear about GenCon. Don't know if I'm making any sense?? lol Like "great, another Con I can't make, but wait, what's this FGCon thing?" Again, Cons also draw people when they can interest big names in the industry. I remember being in the same room as the Pinnacle big wigs over at GenCon a few years ago. These games were booked less than an hour after they were announced. FG is an official Savage Worlds licensee. Granted most of them make it to GenCon I'm sure if they announce on their website they will run a game from the Smiteworks booth (helped by John or Doug maybe) at GenCon that would be great publicity for both parties. These folks like to innovate.