View Full Version : TrueType .TTF in CoreRPG

January 12th, 2014, 16:19
There's a feature request for full TTF & OTF support, but isn't there at least some basic TTF support since 3.0.0?

CoreRPG contains a MarcellusSC-Regular.ttf file, and it seems used:

<font name="reference-h">
<ttf file="graphics/fonts/MarcellusSC-Regular.ttf" name="Marcellus SC" size="24" />
<color value="#660000" />

Do we need fgf transformation anymore? Could we simply use TTF files?

What TrueType features are supported? Other format supported, like the OpenType extension?

Moon Wizard
January 13th, 2014, 00:14
The feature is there, but undocumented and untested, other than the example you found.