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January 3rd, 2014, 21:32
Hello all,

I'm running into a quirky problem involving the PC's. I have a scenario where I've made all the characters for the game, within Fantasy Grounds II, and the joining players choose their character to pick. Now, what I initially did was create a few test characters - just very basic character sheets - to familiarize the players with the software. So we fiddled with them and I've deleted them. Since then I've created new characters. The problem I'm running into is that every time I click on a die field to roll, such as perception check, it rolls with the old, deleted character's name and won't display the now correct character's name in the chat log. I've tried browsing the forums for information on this to no avail, I'm assuming it might just be a small error with v3.0. I am running Pathfinder rules, and if this post is in the wrong forum then please take the liberty yell at me! :D (Every other experience I've had with FGII has been wonderful so far. I really can't wait to test out the big v3.0 update to its fullest!)

Thanks a bunch,

EDIT: I have found the reason behind this. I looked in the db.xml file and realized the old names were still tied into the ids. (IE: id-000001, id-000002, etcetera). Upon looking further at the code, it looked like it was stemming from the Combat Tracker. Lo and behold, when I re-opened the campaign, the old tokens were still in the combat tracker. After deleting those and doing a fresh /reload, everything seems to work fine and dandy! :)

January 4th, 2014, 04:15
nice catch - good troubleshooting :)