View Full Version : White Haired Man at FG-Con 3, 2013

October 23rd, 2013, 20:49
White Haired Man, publisher of the Kith'takharos line of adventures will be running a new Kith'takharos adventure on Friday November 1st. If this event is fully booked we will create another for Saturday to accommodate more players.

Event: Breath Moss (http://www.fg-con.com/events/savage-worlds-breath-moss/)

November 1st, 2013, 16:44
So sorry this didn't get enough players. Thanks very much for offering the run the event. Hopefully FG Con 4 next year will give you the opportunity to get this game going...

November 1st, 2013, 17:12
Yeah I noticed it too late for sign ups

November 1st, 2013, 17:54
No worries, I just want the best for players and with a minimum of three necessary, it seemed prudent to give the one who signed up some consideration.