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August 12th, 2013, 20:24
Is the BRP Rome module the entire sourcebook plus the adventures, or just the adventures converted for FGII? Thanks.
Mike D

Moon Wizard
August 13th, 2013, 01:45
I'm not sure what's in the core book originally and I'm not familiar with BRP, but the install from the store comes with:

BRP Rome FG extension
BRP Rome FG module
4 adventure FG modules

The BRP Rome module contains sections for Political Power Games, Rioting Rules and Equipment; so it looks like it might be a subset with a focus on the tabular data.


S Ferguson
August 13th, 2013, 18:40
Actually, you really need the PDF to take full advantage of this product as most of the "historical" material is left out. The modules, however, are very well written (the book won best historical game at Gen-Con), and is full of life as it historically happened. Add in the Magic supplement for druidic powers and the Pax Romana doesn't bode well for those fighting the Britons and the Gaels, let alone the Gauls. Despite everything, I'd still highly recommend the set (but then again I'm biased),:)

August 13th, 2013, 20:59
Publisher's voice:

As Moon Wizard said, there are excerpt from the rules in the module, but only those required to do the scenarios (rules for riots, for political power games, specific weapons etc.).

I asked on these forums if a full transcript of BRP Rome to FG was needed, and the answer was no, so I included only the most vital parts of the supplement, and the scenario.

On the other hand, in the module you can find exciting adventures by Ken Spencer (rpg.net official historian and editor in chief of Rocket Age), Pete Nash (original author of Rome and co-author of RuneQuest 6) and Conall Cavanagh (less famous, but really, really knowledgeable about ancient Britain). Nuff said :)