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August 11th, 2013, 20:05
Hi. I've started trying to learn about designing my own adventure for COC. I've scanned a map as a jpeg and placed it into my campaign images file. It appears in FG but is very big, requires a bunch of scrolling. It's also about 2.5 megs in file size. What file size is best for FG, and what length and width is best for import? What program do most use for cropping the images? Thanks.
Mike D

August 11th, 2013, 20:20
The Call of Cthulhu ruleset is coded to limit the image/map window size to 700x700 pixels, other rulesets have different values up to 2048x2048. I'm guessing the 3.0 release of CoC will probably have this larger size limit as well.

But, unless you change the maximum size in the CoC ruleset you are currently in 2.9.4 limited to 700x700 pixels - so unless you want to zoom and scroll a lot keep your images to this size. You can use bigger, but you will need to zoom out to see the whole map (mouse scroll wheel), zoom in to see detail (mouse scroll wheel) and scroll around to see different sections of the map.

I use the freeware GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to crop/resize my images: http://www.gimp.org/ which is not just what it does (it is essentially has similar functionality to Photoshop) so it can be overkill if you're not familiar with it. Any graphics/photo program will do. There are plenty of threads on which applications to use - do a search in the forums for more options.

August 11th, 2013, 21:25
Thanks Trenloe.